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Yakovlev Aces of World War 2 George Mellinger Osprey Aviation £13.99/US$21.95 Website: www. ospreypublishing. com
The sixty-fourth in this popular and still expanding series is, by its nature, confined to what
US and Hellenic air forces, and went on to a long career in the US ANG after it was supplanted by much more sophisticated interceptors, such as its stable-mate and direct heir, the F-106 Delta Dart, often called at the time – this being the late 1950s – ‘The Ultimate Interceptor’.
While a few squadrons of F-102As were rotated in and out of Vietnam and Thailand for much of that conflict, they were restricted to ceremonial flyovers, high-altitude escorts for B-52 strikes, and other missions that generally kept them out of harm’s way,
expect just about anything. Because of this, this
In Action is most welcome. I am sure that the majority of aviation enthusiasts will be familiar with the various Grasshoppers and Stinson aircraft, what they may not be familiar with are the many interesting variants, which get even less publicity than the basic machines.
The first brief chapter deals with the forerunners of these machines, namely the Douglas 0-38 and 0-46, the Bellanca Y0-50 and the North American 0-47, followed by the Stinson L-l Vigilant. As I said previously it’s their variants that make these aircraft more interesting. For instance, the L-l ambulance and float-
we would regard as the Eastern Front. The aircraft covered range from the Yak-1 to the Yak-9U, and the text is concerned with the people and the actions with which Yak fighters were involved. There are 40 colour profiles, some of which show very distinctive individual markings -1 can only hope that this series forms part of the standing shopping list of the decal manufacturers – and the 1:48 scale line drawings illustrate five variations. With the continuing flow of kits from Eastern Europe matching a similar flow of information, this book should, like its siblings, be an essential part of the library of any modeller with a penchant for the time and place.

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