Vgt 2000 ultrasonic

The Airbrush Company, UK importers for Iwata and Lifecolor, have passed on a number of the latest new products to arrive in their catalogue, and as committed airbrushing exponents, SAMI is pleased to pass on the details. All of these products are, in their own ways, of use and benefit to anyone wishing to switch to airbrushed finishes – or indeed to anyone currently operating one. If you haven’t yet switched, then as usual we urger you to try, as you will never look back. Seriously, there are only two things that can go wrong with airbrushing a model – both of them avoidable – one is an incorrect paint mix, and the other is a dirty airbrush. Given the shape and complexity of airbrushes, cleaning them – and cleaning them properly – does require a little care and attention.

VGT-2000 Ultra Sonic Cleaner

It may look like a small portable chip fryer, but in fact this is a very practical and highly desirable tool ideal for those untidy modellers always in a hurry who anything that can make the job easier, and lessen the amount of components accidently washed down the sink is, for this ham-fisted modelling dunce at least, of major benefit. Seriously folks, I love modelling, but my workbench and every tool I own are encrusted with paint, filler and Lord only knows what else. The process of ultrasonic cleaning in a liquid is the action of ultrasonic waves generating micro vacuole bubbles which repeatedly expand and contract. Once these bubbles burst the action will gradually and gently remove the contamination or dirt that has adhered to the surface of the article as well as places not easily accessed. Basically you put the pieces you want cleaned in the removable basket, immerse them in cleaning solution or water and push the button. This particular machine has a programmable timer, and can be set for up to 60 minutes. Plugged in and operating it is quiet and unobtrusive, and its compact size will not compromise space in the workroom. A useful addition to the workshop, and one that will earn its keep by helping to keep valuable equipment in working order. 

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