The Dehavilland mosquito airplane

Warpaint Special series, and like the others, it has a brief text with the rest of the pages taken up with photographs and colour artwork.
The book is divided into seven chapters, the first being an introduction. This is followed by
The Bomber Versions. This section contains one three-view, five two-views and 35 profiles. These cover a range of variants, including the prototype, the Mk IV (including the ‘Highball’ aircraft), the Mk X, Mk XX, Mk XXV, Mk 25, Mk IX, Mk XVI and Mk 35. Although many of the schemes are similar, there are some slightly different ones. For instance, a Mk IX of No. 105 Squadron with narrow white fuselage bands, indicating that it is an ‘Oboe Leader’ aircraft. The next chapter is dedicated to Night Fighters and Intruders. Again, all marks are represented, with aircraft operating both in wartime and postwar livery illustrated. One of the most attractive of these is an NF. Mk XV in overall PRU Blue, before the introduction of Deep Sky. The book then goes on to cover the Fighter Bombers, followed by PR, BO AC and FAA. As you might expect with the PR aircraft there is a profusion of PRU Blue, in many cases cancelled out with such things as invasion stripes and high-visibility fins and rudders. There is a good selection of BOAC aircraft illustrated, five in all. The Navy is well represented with Mosquitos, with and without arrester hooks, in a number of schemes, including an all yellow T. Mk III of No. 728 NAS. The penultimate chapter is entitled Trainers and Target Tugs, and the last Exports. Aircraft of Australia, Belgium, Nationalist China,Czechoslovakia, Dominica, France, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, the Soviet Union, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, and the USA are illustrated, along with a couple that were interned in Switzerland.

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