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I have never featured so many WW1 sets as I have in the last year, and this month Spada decals have supplied there latest 1/32 sheets which are also available in the smaller scales. The full colour bi-lingual instructions provide you with colour side views with informative information. It is worth noting that all of these sheets are in the Laser Line series so have an overall carrier film, not a big problem as you always have to cut out a decal from the sheet, but they may be slightly more delicate than conventional silk screen printed products.

1. Albatross D. lll Serial 760/17, Vzfw. Hans Oberlander, Jasta 30, 1917. Three-colour camouflaged wings and tailplane. Pale blue underneath Varnished natural ply (pale colour) Black chevron and (presumed black) – 0 – on both sides of fuselages

2. Albatross D. lll Serial 767/17, Lin Oskar Sietz, Jasta 30, 1917. Three-colour camouflaged wings and tailplane. Pale blue beneath. Varnished natural ply (pale colour). Black – S – on both sides of the fuselage

3. Albatross D. lll Serial unknown. Off. Stv Friedrich Altemeier. Jasta 24, Annelles, summer 1917. Three-colour camouflaged wings and tailplane. Pale blue beneath. Varnished natural ply (dark colour not confirmed). Krupp industry insignia on both sides of fuselage. Altemeier was employed By Krupp before the war

4. Albatross D. l 1 ISerial unknown, Lt Rudolf Hohberg, Ft. Abt (A) 265, 1917. Probably three-colour camouflaged wings and tailplane and upper surface. Pale blue beneath extended as shown on profile. Prussian observer’s badges on both sides of fuselage

SDCLL-SoCam/07 Camels of No 3 Naval Sqdn & 112 Sqdn

1. Sopwith Camel B6401 of 3 Naval Squadron RNAS, Bray Dunes Aerodrome begin 1918, flown by Canadian Pilot Lloyd S. Breadner

2. Sopwith F. l Camel 112 Squadron, Royal Air Force Throwley, Kent, August 1918

3. Sopwith Camel B3781 flown by FSL W P Ellwood, 3 Naval squadron August 1917

SD-LL-LCAT01/FR French Hellcats All of the Hellcats on this sheet are finished in overall Glossy Sea Blue though many of the aircraft in the Far East were heavily weathered.

1. F6F, II. F.II, serial 348, Flottille 1 IF, 1953 (?) Indochina

2. F6F-5, serial unknown, 12eme Flottille de Chasse, 1954 Indochina

3. F6F-5, IF.7, serial unknown, Flottille IF. 1951 (?) 1953 Indochina

4. F6F-5, 11.F.31, serial 348, Flottille, 11F, 1951-53 Indochina

5. F6F-5, 12f.2, serial unknown, 12eme Flottille de Chasse, 1954 Indochina

6. F6F-5, 1.F4, serial 78418, Flottille

7. F6F-5, 12.F.20, serial 781, Flottille 12F, Arromanches, 1953 Indochina

8. F6F-5, 11.F.20, serial 79404, Flottille 1 IF, 1954

9. F6F-5 Bu No 93901 of GC 1-6, Corsica, 1951

10. F6F-5 Bu No 79452 of GC 2-9, Auvergne, 1952


Spada decals can be ordered direct from their website at www. spada-decals. com.A very interesting selection of new releases and I know that one of the magazine’s reviewers got very over excited when I showed him the Albatross sheets. Personally the Hellcat sheet was much more up my street and of course perfectly timed with the recant release of Trumpeter’s new kit. Next month we should have more WW1 sheets plus another French Navy sheet – this time for one of the most attractive single engine fighters ever produced, the Grumman Bearcat.

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