O scale decals

Among the new 1:48 Big Eds are sets for three Hasegawa kits: the Bf 109G-2 (BIG4849, £27.75, above), the F-16A Plus Fighting Falcon (BIG4853, £29.50), and the Ki-61-1 Hien (BIG4852, £22.80). Also in this series are BIG4850 for the Revell MiG-25 ‘Foxbat-A’ (£35.70) and BIG4851 for the Tamiya Spitfire Mk VB (£15.50).

In 1:32 scale is a Big Ed set for a very big kit, the Tamiya F-15C. The set, BIG3232, is

priced at £41.30.

Colour photo-etch sets

In new colour photo-etched sets, the lone entry in 1:72 scale is 73264 (£13.50), for the Hasegawa F-4F Luftwaffe Phantom II.

In 1:48 colour PE, we have an interior set (49322,

£10.50) for the Accurate Miniatures B-25B. As with last month’s exterior set, this one will work with the C/D and G Mitchells in the series as well. A few parts aren’t appropriate for the later models, but almost all are. The instrument panel is especially nice. Also for an Accurate Miniatures kit is 49325 (£10.50) for the SB2U-2 Vindicator kit, with sets for the -1 and -3 kits to follow next month. The Italeri Eurofighter Typhoon single-seater is covered by 49341 (£13.50, above), and the Revell/Monogram Me 410B is represented by set 49338 (£13.50).

In 1:32 scale, 32554 is an exterior set for Trumpeter’s Me 262A-2 Schwalbe (£8.75).

Non-colour frets

In 1:72 scale, Eduard has a set of photo-etched landing flaps for the Academy SB2C-4 Helldiver kit (72454, £13.50). In 1:48 scale, set 48535
(£10.50, above, top) gives us an exterior set for the Academy CH-46D Sea Knight, and 48536 is another exterior set, this one for the Roden OV-1D Mohawk (£10.50). A nice set of FOD covers for the intake of the Hasegawa F-16CJ (48537, above) has the bargain price of £3.70.

In 1:32 scale, 32156 (£13.50, above) is a large set of PE details for underwing stores for the Trumpeter A-7E Corsair II. Like last year’s A-10 armament set (also available in 1:72), these parts are appropriate for the same weapons used on other aircraft of the period, most of them modern and still in use, even if the A-7 is no longer in the US Navy inventory. Set 32150 (£10.50) consists of exterior parts for the 1:32 Trumpeter P-40B kit.

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