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This sheet contains decals for an unbelievable 15 Spitfire PR schemes: PR. Mk IA N3071, flown by Fit Lt Maurice ‘Shorty’ Longbottom, No. 2 Camouflage Unit, Seclin, France, 1939; PR. Mk IB P3331/B, No. 212 Squadron, Seclin, France, 1940; PR. Mk 1С R6903, flown by P/0 Gordon Green, RAF St Eval, 1941; PR. Mk 1С P9385, No. 8 OTU, RAF, 1940; PR. Mk ID BR416, No. 2 PRU, Marble Arch, North Africa, 1942; PR. Mk ID Trap PP880, flown by Sgt Ron Monkman, No. 681 Squadron, Comilla, 1944; PR. Mk ID Trop BR416, No. 74 OTU, Palestine, 1944; PR. Mk ID AB315, No. 681 Sqn, Comilla, 1944; PR. Mk IF, X4498, flown by Sqn Ldr R. Elliott, No. 1 PRU, Oakington, 1941; PR. Mk IG R7028, No. 1416 Fit, RAF Hendon, 1941; PR. Mk IG X4784, No. 140 Sqn, RAF Benson, 1942; PR. Mk IG R7413, No. 13 Photographic Survey Squadron, RCAF, 1943; PR. Mk IV Trop BP880 The Flying Scotsman, No. 681 Sqn, Chandina, India, 1943; PR. Mk IV, 1942; PR. Mk XIII R7335, No. 718 NAS, FAA, NAS Henstridge, 1943.
There are some slight typographical mistakes on the instructions and guide numbers for this sheet. For X4784, the caption indicates that the aircraft is R6903 and the number indicating its serial on the sheet should read ’37’ not ’39’. Also, for the PR. Mk IV with an unknown serial, the description should read ‘page 16’ not ‘page 14’. These are small things that do not prevent the modeller from building any of the aircraft depicted, but are worthy of note. All three sheets in this PR Spitfire series should also become available in 1:48 scale.

Model Alliance MAS-72132 1:72 Photo Reconnaissance Spitfires Pt II: 5 Late Merlin Engine & 5 Griffon Engine Schemes £9.00

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model alliance

This sheet covers ten PR Spitfires: FR. Mk IXC MK915, No. 16 Sqn, 2nd TAF, Bayeux, France, 1944; FR. Mk 9C 5502, No. 60 Sqn, SAAF, Swartkop, South Africa, 1947; PR. Mk XI PL781, No. 681 Sqn, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, 1945; FR. Mk IXC PL951, No. 681 Sqn, India 1945; FR. Mk IX MB948, 14th PS, 7th PG, USAAF, RAF Mount Farm, 1944; FR. Mk 16E, No. 2 Sqn, 2nd TAF, Wunsdorf, Germany 1947; FR. Mk XIVE MV293, No. 8 Sqn Royal Indian Air Force, Hakimpet, 1945; FR. Mk 16E NH844, No.
11 Sqn, RAF Occupation Force, Miho, Japan 1947; FR. Mk 16E MV786, SFTS, Royal Indian Air Force, Ambala, India 1946; FR. Mk 14E HS877, Royal Indian Air Force, India, 1946.

Thanks to The Aviation Workshop for the review samples

Model Art 72/052 1:72 France 1943-1985 Armee de I’Air roundels; 27.5 , 35, 40, 70 and 80 cm £7.00 inc. p&p (UK) e-mail:

[email protected] com

Each of the roundels supplied here can be used with or without a separate yellow border.
Model Art 72/055 1:72 Mirage HIE & Caudron Simoun £7.00 inc. p&p (UK) e-mail:

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