Jane s israeli air force

Israeli Air Force Yearbook 2005

Ofer Zidon and Shlomo Aloni Wizard Publications (Israel)

Shlomo Aloni is well known in the aviation world for the quality of his research and writing, and as such his name adds considerable weight to this volume. The name of Ofer Zidon was unknown to me, but judging by the images he has produced for this book, it’s a name that is likely to become well known in the future. Together, author and photographer have produced a selection of 26 short articles chronicling the lAF’s year that was 2005. The subjects range from the activation of the ‘Bat’ Squadron on F-161, through an interoperability exercise with Israeli ground forces and an A-4 upgrade programme, to the introduction of the AH-64D and Israel’s participation in Exercise Maple Hag.

All in all this is a colourful and unusual addition to the available work on contemporary military aviation. I can’t think where else I would go to find much of the information presented here and I’ve certainly never seen photography to this standard, on all aspects of Israeli Air Force operations, presented anywhere else. Perhaps the book’s only failings are some slightly awkward English and a certain lack of air-to-air photography, but given its overall quality, this is a title I can confidentially recommend to anyone with an IAF interest.

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