Jagdwaffe. War in Russia

Luftwaffe Colours, Volume 3, Section 4, Jagdwaffe: The War in Russia, January-October 1942 Christer Bergstrom and Martin Pegg Ian Allan Publishing £14.95 This volume covers the war in Russia from January to October 1942. Therefore, it mostly deals with the Bf 109, but the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 was just entering service in this period. Again this book illustrates one of the reasons why German fighters are so popular with modellers. Whereas with the RAF you see a large number of machines with virtually the same camouflage pattern, you are lucky to see two German aircraft that are alike! The book has the usual mixture of personal stories and well captioned photographs, for many of which


there are artist’s impressions of the colour schemes depicted. I say impressions, because there is no guarantee that any colour scheme gleaned from a photograph is accurate. This is an excellent series and one that should be part of any Luftwaffe enthusiasts library.

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