Hawker Typhoon IB (Early Version). Hawker Typhoon IB model


Anigrand Craftswork has announced a 1:72 scale resin Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. It is available from the manufacturer at US$168, plus US$28 shipping charge.

Czechmaster Resin has a 1:72 scale Hawker Typhoon IB (Early Version) kit available at £23.99 from an all-new tooling. It has decals for three aircraft: R7698/Z-Z, flow  by Wng Cmdr Gillam, Duxford Wing, September 1942; R8893/XM-M, No. 82 Sqn, late 1942; and R7752/PR-G, flown by Wng Cmdr Beaumont, No. 609 Sqn, November 1942.

Dragon has three new releases, the first two at 1:144 scale and continuing its series of 1+1 sets. Memorial Flight ‘Jolly Rogers’ F-14B Tomcat & F/A-18F Super Hornet includes decals for F-14B 163217, VF-103, 2004 and F/A-18F 166620, VF-103, 2005. It includes newly-tooled AIM-120 AMRAAMs, as well as Paveway LGBs, AGM-88 HARM and AGM-84 Harpoon AGMs. F/A-18E Super Hornet VFA-143 ‘Pukin Dogs’ has decals for 166603 in 2004 and 166608 in 2005. Among the kits newly-tooled items are its underfuselage components, drop tanks and target pods. Ordnance options include AIM-9, AIM-9X, AGM-88, AGM-84E SLAM-ER and Paveway.

To 1:48 scale the company has Me 163B Komet w/Engine (£22.50). The model can be displayed with its rear fuselage removed and engine exposed, the latter being detailed with etched parts. A crew figure and optional inspection frame are also included. Decals are provided for PK+QL, Erprobungskommando 16, Bad Zwischenahn, 1944; two aircraft of

Eduard now has its 1:144 scale Me 262B Schwalbe Dual Combo! kit (£5.60) available. It has parts for two very delicate models and includes frets for two sets of radar antennae. It also has decals for four machines, Me 262B-la/Ul ‘Red 12’, 10./NJG 11, Schleswig, May 1945; Me 262B-la/Ul WkNr 111308, 10./NJG 11, Magdeburg, April 1945; Me 262B-la ‘Black A’, JG 7, Zatec, May 1945; and Me 262B-la ‘White S\ JV 44, Lechfeld, May 1945. Painting instructions in monochrome are provided on the instructions, but full colour guides are available by following the internet link provided.

To its 1:72 scale range Eduard has added SPAD XIII Early Dual Combo! (£13.50). Again two full sets of plastic parts are included, along with etched metal parts and masks. The decals provide for S1893/7, flown by Adj. Jacques Roques, Spa. 48, autumn 1917; S504/2, flown by Capitaine Georges Guynemer, Spa. 3 ‘Les Cigognes’, September 1917; B6732/A-S, flown by Lt J. D. Hewett, No. 23 Sqn, RFC, February 1918; and S2900, flown by Maggiore Francesco Baracca, X Gruppo, 91 Squadriglia, May 1918.

HobbyBoss, well known for its new range of simplified aircraft kits also has a number of more standard products in its catalogue. Among its new releases are two variants of an aircraft terribly neglected thus far by kit manufacturers. The company has two Dassault Mirage III kits available in 1:48 scale as Mirage ШС and Mirage IIICJ. SAM has seen copies of both kits thanks to importer Creative Models Limited. The kits are identical, with the exception of their finishing instructions and decal sheets, and include parts for 500-litre supersonic and 625-litre subsonic drop tanks, rocket pods, AIM-9D and MATRA 530 AAMs, and Mk 82 Snakeye retarded bombs. The decals in the INC kit cover No. 87/10-LB, EC 3/10 ‘Vexin’, No. 31/10-RF, EC 2/10 ‘Seine’ and No.92/10-RT, EC 2/10 ‘Seine’, all from I’Armee de I’Air; and Mirage IIICZ No. 800, No. 2 Sqn, SAAF, Waterkloof, 1982. The Mirage IIICJ kit has decals for 778, 1st Flight, 119 Tayeset and 59, 101 Tayeset, Six Day War, 1968, both in natural metal; and 159, 101 Tayeset, with 13 kill markings and 92 (labelled incorrectly as a French aircraft) with 11 kills, both in standard IAF camouflage. The kits appear to be beautifully moulded and are well packaged, with splendid decal sheets. They retail for around £12.99 each.

Italeri’s 1:48 scale A-10A Thunderbolt II

(£14.50) is hugely impressive. It includes optional open panels and split ailerons. Stores options cover an ECM pod, rocket pods, dumb bombs, cluster bombs, AIM-9s, AGM-65s and drop tanks. A length of cord is supplied to join the two sets of mainwheel chocks. Decals are supplied for two grey aircraft and two green/grey camouflaged machines. The former include an aircraft of the 172nd FS, 110th FW, Michigan ANG and a colourfully marked 80th anniversary machine of the 118th FS, 103rd FW, Connecticut ANG. The camouflaged aircraft are of the 74th TFS, 23rd TFW (Provisional), King Fahd AB, Saudi Arabia, Desert Storm, 1991 and the 511th TFS, 10th TFW, RAF Alconbury, 1991.

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