F 102 fighter

Though one was shot down by a North Vietnamese MiG. It is not recorded that the F-102 ever fired a shot in anger.
This Squadron
In Action title follows the familiar format of this venerable series, with ten colour profiles in the centre of the book and two on the rear plane, complete with retractable wheels. Next comes the Taylorcraft L-2 Grasshopper. This machine spawned a most bizarre conversion – a remote control glider bomber. Indeed, Taylorcraft produced a number of gliders based on the L-2 and one of these was fitted with a tricycle undercarriage. It was intended that this aircraft would carry an atomic weapon and be flown to its target by remote control. There was a problem, however – the bomb was ten times the weight of the glider! Other Grasshopper variants are described in the subsequent chapters. Some are shown on skis, some operating from ships and others.

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