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This sheet covers five aircraft, although only a limited number of roundels and fin flashes is included. Those that are supplied include the ‘difficult’ ones. Starting with the Blenheim Mk IV, there is an overall PRU Blue machine from RAF Benson, 1941, and an aircraft from No. 107 Sqn RAF at Leuchars, 1941, in Dark Earth and Dark Green with black undersides. This machine carried toned down roundels and fin flashes. The second type is a Mitchell Mk II of No. 180 Sqn, RAF, at Foulsham. This aircraft was painted in the standard Olive Drab/Neutral Gray American scheme. Next is a Mosquito FB. Mk IV of No. 21 Sqn in 1947, operating courier services during the war criminals’ trials. It was painted in the standard night-fighter scheme of Medium Sea Grey and Dark Green. Last is a Boston Mk III of No. 226 Sqn, RAF, at Swanton Morley, 1942. It is in US dark green, dark earth and sky.

Eleven subjects are featured on this sheet and again there is a limited amount of national insignia. The subjects are as follows: a Baltimore Mk V of No. 55 Sqn, RAF, at Cecina, 1944, in overall black; a Boston Mk III from No. 226 Sqn, RAF, at Swanton Morley, 1942 in US dark grey, dark green and sky; a Mitchell Mk II of No. 180 Sqn, RAF, at Foulsham, 1943, in US Olive Drab/Neutral Grey; a Halifax

Мк II Series 1 from No. 35 Sqn, RAF, at Linton-on-Ouse, 1942 (this aircraft was painted in the standard bomber scheme of Dark Earth, Dark Green and Night toned-down national insignia); a Mosquito B. MK IX of No. 105 Sqn, RAF, Marham, 1943 (camouflaged in Ocean Grey, Dark Green and Night, with dark blue codes and Oboe Leader fuselage markings); a Mosquito Мк IX from the same unit but with Medium Sea Grey undersides (there are only enough code letters for one of these aircraft); and five Stirlings (Мк I MacRoberts Reply of No. 15 Sqn at Wyton, 1941; Мк I of No. 7 Sqn at Oakington, 1941 (this aircraft carried a grey tail band which could be an early Oboe Leader marking); a No. 7 Sqn machine displayed outside St Paul’s Cathedral in 1943; Мк I East India III of No. 149 Sqn at Mildenhall, 1941; and a Mk IV from No. 570 Sqn during Operation Market in 1944. All these aircraft were painted in the standard RAF bomber scheme.

This sheet covers just one aircraft, namely a Dakota Mk IV from No. 31 Sqn, RAF, flown by Wng Cmdr Vladimir Nedved, in 1944.


This set covers fourteen RAF fighters as follows: Spitfire Mk Is K9795 and K9797 of No. 19 Sqn, at Duxford, 1938 9both machines had a Dark Green disruptive camouflage with silver undersides); Spitfire Mk I of No. 66 Sqn, at Upward, 1939 (Dark Green and Dark Earth upper surfaces with a black and white underside); Spitfire Mk IIC of No. 276 Sqn on ASR duties in 1943 (he upper surface was Dark Green and Ocean Grey with Medium Sea Grey undersides and a longitudinal black stripe); Spitfire PR. Mk IV of No. 1 PRU, RAF, 1942 (upper surfaces in PRU Blue with Sky underside); Spitfire PR. Mk IE based at RAF Heston in 1940 (Dutch Decal is not sure of the colour scheme and gives two alternatives, either PRU Pink or Sky); Hurricane Mk I of No. 32 Sqn at Biggin Hill/Hawkinge, 1940 (as flown by Fit Lt Pete M. Brothers and in the standard Dark Earth, Dark Green and Sky fighter scheme); Mustang Mk IV Dooleybird of No. 19 Sqn at Acklington, 1945 (overall bare metal/silver); Mustang Mk IV PEA-NUT of No. 213 Sqn, No. 283 Wing in Italy, 1945 (overall bare metal/silver); Tempest Mk II, No. 33 Sqn at Kuala Lumpur, 1949 (overall silver); Hurricane Mk IIB of No. 1 Sqn, at Tangmere, 1942 (in black, with minuscule fuselage roundels); Hurricane Mk IIB Samasthans II, No. 253 Sqn at Hibalstow (a 12-gun machine in black); Tomahawk Mk IIA of No. 26 Sqn at Gatwick, 1941 (as used on anti-invasion exercises and painted in US dark green and US dark earth with US sky undersides. The underside of the port wing was painted black); and a Defiant Mk I of No. 255 Sqn at RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey, 1941. The aircraft was painted overall black and the white of the fuselage roundel was also overpainted black. These are stunning sheets that I am sure will be popular with modellers of British aircraft.

Markings are provided for Spirit of Prague of No. 24 Squadron, RAF, flown by P/O Frantisek Glauder between April and June 1942.

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