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The latest kit from Azur is for the Dewoitine D.520C.1 in 1:32 scale. The quality is what we have come to expect from this company. Some of the delicate parts are in resin, but the canopy is injected. The decal sheet gives two alternatives, a machines from GC 1/3, 2nd Escadrille, at Cannes, France 1940 and GC 111/6 as flown by S/Lt Le Gloan, in Syria during 1941.
Staying with the same company, but this time under the Special Hobby label we have the DFS 230A in 1:48 scale. This, like other kits in the range, is barely discernible from products produced with steel moulds and comes with an injection-moulded canopy. The DFS also includes some cockpit detail in resin and etched 

1 32 scale model

Decals are for two aircraft, both in the standard splinter scheme with no indication of the unit. According to my reference they are both DFS 230Bs serving in Italy. Moving on to 1:72 scale we have two kits that missed earlier In Trays. The first is the long awaited Heinkel He 59B, a subject not previously produced as an injection kit. This is an earlier Special Hobby product – pre-injection canopies – but since the He 59B has only windscreens, this should not be a problem. As well as crisply-moulded injection parts, there is quite a bit of resin and a small etched-brass sheet. The markings are for two aircraft. A splinter-pattern example from 3/KiiFlGr 106 and an all grey Condor Legion machine based at Pollensa in 1938. The second of these kits is for the Fiat CR.25, another machine not previously attempted as an injection product, having the same well moulded parts with injection canopies and resin engines. The decals are for three aircraft, though the difference is only in the serial number. All were part of 173 Squadriglia RST, based at Palermo-Boccadifalco, in 1942.

pictures of airplane            die cast plane models

Still with Special Hobby and in 1:72 scale we have the latest in the company’s Firefly series – the Mk I. The construction is similar to the previous kit with an etched-brass fret and lots of resin, much of it used in the highly detailed cockpit. Decals are for three aircraft, all from No. 1771 Squadron, FAA as follows: Z1905, ‘Q’, in HMS Implacable for the attack on Tirpitz, October 1944; DK431, ‘275/N’, in HMS Implacable, as part of Task Force 37.1 in the Pacific during 1945 and flown
by Sqn-Ldr W. J. R. MacWhirter; and lastly DK438, ‘277/N’ from the same unit.
Perhaps a little more exotic, is the l:72-scale Eastern Express Sukhoi Su-17M-4 ‘Fitter-K’. This kit has decals for two camouflaged machines from unidentified units.

model kit
From Italeri we have two re-issued kits, the first for the EF-111A Raven, with decals for the 27th and 388th TFWs. The second kit is for the Sea Harrier FRS. Mk 1 with markings for an FRS. Mk 1 of No. 801 Sqn, RNAS, in HMS Invincible during 1982; an FRS. Mk 1 of No. 700A Right, RNAS Yeovilton, in 1979; and an FRS. Mk 51 of No. 300 Sqn, in INS Vikrant, during 1982. Both these kits are to 1:72 scale.model aeroplane

Pavla, under the Octopus label, has sent in its latest release – the Consolidated TBY-2 Sea Wolf in 1:72. It is a typical high quality, short-run kit, with vacform canopy and detail parts in resin. Decals are for the following aircraft: a first series Sea Wolf as. on its maiden flight; an aircraft from VT-154/155; and a machine based at NAS Norfolk in 1948.
Pavla has also issued a number of resin upgrade sets in 1:72, as follows: TBY-2 Sea Wolf: bomb bay, rear cockpit, dorsal gun, turret details including gun barrels and MG pod plus a new vacform canopy; An-2: paratroop cabin, wheels and ASh-62M engine (designed for the Italeri or Bilek kit); An-2: pilot’s cockpit and vacform canopy. The next is an unusual set, it is for an M-62 engine and ground trolley for the 1-16 Type 18. Lastly, for modellers of British aircraft, a Spitfire PR. Mk IC/Mk IG/Mk IV conversion set, containing a drop tank, camera pod, deep cowling, unarmoured seat and PR-type canopy for the PR. Mk 1С. For the Mk IG the correct canopy, armoured seat and side camera bulge are provided, while for the Mk IV there is a new front for the oil cooler. There is only one set of main wheels, but Spitfire addicts should be able to produce two models from this set. A bonus with this package is decals for three aircraft: a PR. Mk 1С of No 1 PRU in PRU blue, a Mk IG from the same unit in pink camotint and a Mk IV of 681 Sqn, SEAC, in 1943-44, also in PRU blue. Note if you wish to model both I PRU aircraft you will need to find another set of codes.
From Belgium comes news of the latest resin items from PJ Productions. In 1:72 expect kits for the Dassault Mirage 5F with EC 2/13 ‘Alpes’ markings, the Mirage IIIR of ER 2/33 ‘Savoie’, the Mirage IIIRD of ER 3/33 ‘Moselle’ and finally the Mirage IIIRS of the Swiss air force’s Fliegerstaffel 10. In 1:48 scale a seated modern French pilot is promised, while 1:32 scale modellers can look forward to a seated modern NATO pilot. All of these kits and figures should be on release in July.
SAM also has received details of a new model-paint range called Model Air and produced by Parabellum. The range includes many colours relevant to the aircraft modeller and the paints are specially designed for application by airbrush. They are acrylic and the manufacturer claims that they offer hitherto unknown covering power and durability.

nitro rc planes    1 144 scale aircraft models

Trumpeter has issued a Kawanishi Type 97 in 1:144 scale. Decals are provided for aircraft from six unidentified units, two in the standard Imperial Japanese Navy dark green and light grey and the others in overall light grey. Trumpeter has also released the long awaited l:48-scale Savoia-Marchetti S. M. 79-11 Sparviero. There are decals for an aircraft of 283 Squadriglia, 130 Gruppo Autonoma, AS, in the Mediterranean in 1942.

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