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This sheet contains markings for six Mirage IIIEs and four Simouns: Mirage IIIEs ‘401’, EC 24/118, CEAM, Mont-de-Marsan, 1965; ‘BJ\ EC 2/4 ‘La Fayette’, Luxeuil, 1966; ‘118-AN’, CEAM, Mont-de
Marsan, 1967; ‘3-IL’, EC 01/003 ‘Navarre’, Nancy-Ochey, 1969; ‘4-AD’, EC 1/4 ‘Dauphine’, Luxeuil, 1966; ‘3-JR’, EC 02/003 ‘Champagne’, Nancy-Ochey, 1967; and C.635 Simoun F-ANRY, flown by A. de Saint-Exupery, Paris-Saigon, 1935; C.632 Simoun F-ANXA, flown by Genin and Robert, Le Bourget-Madagascar 1935; C.630 Simoun F-ANRJ, Air Bleu, Le Borget, 1935; and C.635 F-ANXO, flown by Maryse Bastie, South Atlantic crossing, 1936.

Thanks to Model Art for the review samples

Owl Decals 48007 1:48 Die Nachtjager £9.25 www. owl. cz

Three aircraft feature on this sheet: Bf 110G-4/R3/R8/B2, flown by Obit Wolfgang Schnaufer, Stab IV./NJG 1; He 219A-2, 3./NJG 3; and Ju 88G-6, 12./NJG 6.
Rising Decals RD72-005 1:72 Dying Sun: Japanese Army Aircraft captured by the Americans £5.90

https://risingdecals. czweb. org

This sheet covers six aircraft: Ki-44-ll Hei 2068, TAIU-SWPA No. 11, Philippines, June 1945; Ki-44-ll Hei, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan, October 1945, with over-painted wings for which masks are supplied to enable you to paint a faint representation of the original Hinomaru; Ki-46-ll 2845, TAIC No. 10, Hollandia, New Guinea, December 1944, with markings for the same aircraft when transferred to NAS Anacostia, Washington DC, 1945; Ki-61-l Tei Flying
VMF-322, Kadena, Okinawa, May 1945; Ki-61-l Ко 263. ТАЮ No. 9, NAS Ancostia, Washington DC, 1944; and Ki-44-l 1446, TAIU-SWPA No. 17, Clark field, Philippines, June 1945.

Tally Ho! 48034

1:48 Kittyhawk & Warhawk Pt 2 £6.50

Volume Two: Wing Comm Roben H. M.Gibbes Ш. Joseph H. King 2U George EPreddy J ] 1 Squadron RCAF 14 Squadron RCAFThis sheet covers: Kittyhawk Mk IA ‘CV-V’, flown by Wing Commander Robert Gibbs, No. 3 Sqn, RAAF, Egypt, August-September 1942; Kittyhawk Mk IA ‘LZ-D’, No. Ill Sqn, RCAF, Patrica Bay, British Columbia, Western Air Command, November 1941-May 1942; Kittyhawk Mk IA ‘K’, No. 14 Sqn, RCAF, Amchitka, Alaska; P-40E ’14’ Mary Lucille, flown by 2nd/Lt Joseph King, 7th FS, 49th FG, USAAF, Batchelor Field, Northern Territory, Australia, 1943; P-40E ’85’ TARHEEL, 9th FS, 49th FG, USAAF, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, 1942. The author has assumed that the codes on ‘CV-V’ are Azure Blue, but if any modeller disagrees with this, the colour can be changed using a set of masks that have been provided.

TwoBobs 72-041/48-100 1:72 F/A-18F VFA-102 Diamondbacks 50th

Anniversary US$10.00/£7.15 www. twobobs. net

This sheet covers the latest in an increasingly long line of colourful Hornets. In this case, as the title suggests, 2005 is the half-century anniversary for VFA-102, and to commemorate it, the unit painted one of its two-seat Super Hornets in red, with its trademark ‘rattlesnake’ on fields of deep red. The sheet provides red stripes with white ‘diamonds’ for the wings, inside tail surfaces and a fuselage sash, along with an image of a striking viper for the tails. The more pedestrian markings such as national insignia, ‘slime’ lights and other standard graphics are here as well.
The only thing the modeller will have to be watchful for is carefully matching the red that must be painted on, such as that on the outside of the vertical tail surfaces and the entire spine of the aircraft. Uncharacteristically, while TwoBobs provide outstanding views from all four aspects, there are no paint recommendations, and one gets the feeling that to get this dark red a mix will be required.

Thanks to TwoBobs for the review sample

Compiled by Tom Bell, Paul E. Eden, Bud Highleyman and Ernie Lee

Correction: Occasional Colours (28/1): In the cap tions for the Breguet 14 artwork, all reference to ‘Bleriot’ should be read as ‘Michelin’, with apologies for any confusion caused.

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