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Tweet Above: Dauphin 2 No. 246 of the Irish Air Corps, showing

Tweet Since the USAF retired its F-4G fleet, it has been

Tweet The little Air Observation Post (AOP) aircraft of the British Taylorcraft Auster

Tweet In the Book of Genesis, Nimrod is the name of a King of Babalonia

Tweet A NASA WB-57F arrived at RAF Mildenhall on the evening of 11 October 2005 for a series of high-altitude, cosmic dust-collecting missions

Tweet After the April 1974 revolution, Portugal’s involvement in the wars in its African colonies finally came to an end. At the sametime, the UN arms embargo was lifted and the personnel of the Forga Aerea Portuguese (FAP) began to be demobilised for their return to the Portuguese mainland. In the wake of the revolution, […]

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