CA Boomerang

Commonwealth CA-12 Boomerang A46-128/BF-N U-Beaut-2, flown by Squadron Leader Parry, No. 5 Squadron, Piva, Bougainville. 13 March 1945
Like A46-126, A46-128 was a very widely photographed Boomerang. It crashed on landing at Piva on 13 March 1945.
Commonwealth CA-12 Boomerang A46-62/R SLEEPYTIME GIRL, No. 85 Squadron
This machine was used in the reconnaissance role and had a waxed finish. It was sold to the R. H. Grant Trading Company in 1955.
Commonwealth Boomerang A46-117/QE-F, No. 4 Squadron, Tsili-Tsili, New Guinea, 1943
Commonwealth Boomerang A46-121/QE-N O/ga, No. 4 Squadron, at Balikpapan, 1945

A46-121 wore the later overall Foliage Green scheme.

Commonwealth Boomerang A46-152/QE-Q, No. 4 Squadron

Commonwealth Boomerang ‘VH-USB’ Lady Southern Cross
‘VH-USB’ was actually A46-30, used in the film Smithy to replicate Charles Kingsford-Smith’s Lockheed Altair Lady Southern Cross.

From late 1943, during the New Guinea campaign, Australian single-engined, single-seat aircraft began to receive white wing leading edges and empennages as a recognition aid. This view shows the overall Foliage Green scheme as applied to CA-19s. The white areas were also applied to Foliage Green/Dark Green/Dark Earth/Earth Brown/Sky Blue (variations) finished aircraft.

Commonwealth CA-13 Boomerang A46-140/MH-X, No. 83 Squadron
This illustration shows the typical finish as applied to the Boomerang’s starboard side, although there were variations. It should be noted that there were distinct soft edges to the camouflage demarcations.
Upper view showing finish as applied to overall Foliage Green, and Foliage Green/ Sky Blue aircraft. The demarcations around the tail area could differ
Upper view showing finish as applied to Foliage Green/Dark Green/Dark Earth/ Earth Brown/Sky Blue (variations) finished aircraft. This one carries Foliage Green/Earth Brown/Sky Blue colouring. With the exception of the upper roundels, other markings have been omitted for clarity
Thanks are due to Peter Green and Malcolm Lowe H for their very kind help in providing reference ^ material during the production of this artwork

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