C 130 hercules crash

Walk Around C-130 Hercules Lou Drendel Squadron/Signal £13.95

It would be possible for the average modeller to spend a decade just constructing variants of this aircraft. There are plenty of kits in several scales and the number of lumps and bumps that can be added to these rivals even that of the C-135 family. This landscape volume with, its
80 pages, does its best to sort out the mysterious appendages of the C-130 variants. Since this aircraft is contemporary, there was no need to delve into the archives for material. It is packed full of photographs, both in colour and
black and white, of internal and external detail. One amusing detail I found in a cockpit shot was a steering wheel, as you would find in a toy car. This, it seems, is what the pilot uses to steer the nose wheel when the aircraft is on the ground. There is too much detail to mention individually and with half a dozen colour profiles this is a must-have reference.

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