Boeing 737-800 winglets passenger

Kit: Boeing 737-800 ‘Ryanair’ Scale: 1:144
Yet another kit of a modern airliner from Revell – how fortunate we are compared to the past, when airliner models were very few and far between.

There are 61 nicely moulded parts in this kit, all of which are completely flash free. There are a few extra parts that are not required for this particular model, including winglets. The cockpit area is a loose segment of fuselage, which contains the cockpit windows. It fits very well and does not cause any problems or unsightly joints on the fuselage surface. I can’t make up my mind whether I prefer just the cockpit windows being presented in clear plastic, or a segment of fuselage in the material, as in this kit.
The instructions are in the usual Revell format with good exploded views and colour guide. The balance weight required in the nose is stated -15 g. This is always welcome information. Two sets of undercarriage doors are supplied, one for the gear retracted and one for it extended. This makes construction more convenient whichever way one chooses to complete the model – I wonder what the percentages are each way? There are no problems in assembling this model, everything fits together perfectly.
The decals are for Ryanair aircraft and one has the choice of the carrier’s ‘old’ or ‘new’ colour scheme, the new one being more streamlined and having very much larger Ryanair fuselage lettering. There are also slight differences between some individual machines within each scheme. For example, with the new scheme there are no eyebrow windows on the cockpit from EI-DHB onwards, and from EI-DCJ onwards there are extra wing markings for a frost-allowance area. With the old scheme, EI-CSD has website information on its port side and EI-CSI has a German flag and ‘HAHN’ decals on its nose and cabin roof on the port side. Decals are provided for all Ryanair 737-800 registrations. The decals were designed by DACO and printed in Italy. They are well printed, sharp and clear. They adhere well. Unusual decals in the kit include those for the wheel hubs, nose and main, which certainly ease the delicate painting of the wheels. This is a good kit, with a nice colour scheme.

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Padraig Logan

October 20th, 2015 at 12:08 am

This Ryanair version would make a most ideal Gift for someone who flew for the very first (petrified) time on board one of these. I’ve been to the Moon and the bottom of the Mariana Trench and back to find one… with no luck.

If anyone knows where I can find one… PLEASE let me know.

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