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BIG continues to be popular – (at least amongst kit manufacturers!?!) – and the latest ‘biggie’ to arrive at the editorial offices is Academy’s 1:35 scale AH-60L
DAP Blackhawk – courtesy of the UK importers
Toyway. It has engraved panel lines and restrained rivet details, extensive cockpit detailing, detailed engine and rotor assembly, M26 1-19 tube rocket launcher and AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. Two decal choices are included – both for the 160th SOAR, US Army; ‘Southern Comfort’, serial 26365 and ‘Razors Edge’ (serial unknown), both in the very dark grey scheme.
This kit retails for £16.35. It is moulded in polystyrene with just a few details in resin and all the transparencies are injection moulded. There are two schemes, a JRS-1 of the US Marines circa 1938 and an H-43 of the US Navy based on NAS Ford Island in the spring of 1942. This will make an excellent companion to the other two recent Sikorsky kits from CMR.
This month’s accessory news starts with a very useful etched metal bending tool from the Dorset-based
The Small Shop EU. Like many good ideas this is simple tool, measuring 10cm by 8cm it consists of a steel base with soft plastic feet. On to this is fitted a high-grade aluminium bending unit. It has a number of ‘fingers’ each one having an acute bevel, machined on the edges. The top plate is held in place with two dowels. The top plate is spring-loaded and by rotating a knob it can be lifted and the etched material trapped underneath. Supplied with this tool is a Stanley knife blade which is slipped under the etched metal, and used to bend it. Also in the top plate there is a second set of holes to allow you to reverse the plate and produce a bend up to 10cm long.
At this moment we do not have a price for this tool, but a phone call or FAX.

A new range of modellers paint White Ensign Models – better known for their exclusive ranges of resin ship models – have decided to add naval aircraft colours to their line of Colourcoats warship paints. They currently have eleven USN aircraft colours – modern Light Gull Gray, Dark Gull Gray, Light Compass Gray, Dark Compass Gray, plus WW2 Light Gray, Blue Gray, Sea Blue Gloss, Intermediate Blue, Interior Green, Non-Specular White
S to 01747 825 646 or 24hr Answer Phone 07752 258 946 should bring forth the required information.
Also sent to us by
The Small Shop EU was a selection of Cast’a’Coat’ surface simulation powders. Designed more for AFV modellers than we aircraft modellers I suspect, they are useful for simulating the rough surface of certain wing walkways and certain bombs such as the rough texture seen on 5001b ‘Snakeyes*.
Finally we have two new 1:48 scale detail sets from
AML.They are – AMLA 48003 Control Surface Set designed for the Hobbycraft P-36/H75A consisting of both etched brass and resin. AMLA 48004 is also for the Hobbycraft P-36/H75A and contains detailed cockpit interior, mainwheel wells and mainwheels, again using both resin and etched brass.

and Chrome Yellow; six FAA/Coastal Command aircraft colours – Sky, Extra Dark Sea Grey, Dark Sea Grey, Medium Sea Grey, Light Slate Grey and Dark Slate Grey; two UN aircraft colours – UN Green and UN Grey; and three Luftwaffe colours – RLM 83 Dunkelgrun, RLM 70 Schwarzgrun and RLM 65 Hellblau. The paints are from the same manufacturer as Hannants Xtracolour, and are semi-gloss enamels matched to the original colours. Price TBA.

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