Ad-4n skyraider

AD Skyraider – Detail & Scale Vol. 67 Bert Kinzey Squadron/Signal £13.95 It is amazing that this aircraft has not been done as a Detail & Scale before now. There has been a large number of kits in various scales over the years, many of which remain available. This makes Detail & Scale Volume 67 a useful addition to the reference shelf. It is the usual mix of full aircraft shots and the detailed close ups so beloved of the modeller. This latter section is in my opinion the most useful. However good a kit is, there is always something that the manufacturer has missed and in any case there are limitation in the moulding process which a little plastic card can overcome. There are ten colour profiles, plus some colour photographs, and at the rear is an assessment of available kits. This time there are no scale drawings, which to me is no great disadvantage. Unless they are to the scale of the model you are making, and you know that they are accurate, they are only of limited value. Having collected this series from number one, I always look forward to each new edition.

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