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CX128 (£3.70) is for the Academy F-15E Strike Eagle; CX133 (£3.15, above) for the Hasegawa F/A-18F Super Hornet; CXI 30 (£3.15) for the Revell F-4E/RF-4 Phantom II kits; CXI26 (£2.50) for the Academy F6F Hellcat; CXI29 (£3.15) for the Italeri MH-53 helicopter; CX127 (£3.15) is for the Academy OV-IO Bronco; CXI 25 (£3.70) for the Academy SB2C-4; CXI 31 (£3.70) for the Hasegawa/ Revell Su-27 ‘Flanker-B’; and CXI 32 (£3.15) for the Revel/ltaleri UH-IN/Bell 212/412 helicopter kit.

In 1:48 scale masks have been cut for the B5N ‘Kate’ kit by Hasegawa in EX163 (£4.99); in EX162 (£1.90) are masks for the Accurate Miniatures F3F; EX161 (£3.70) is for the Tamiya He 219 Uhu; EX165 (£3.15) is for the Tamiya MiG-15bis; EX164 (£3.70, above) is for the Tamiya NIK Kyofu ‘Rex’; and EX160 (£4.99, above) is for the Mirage PZL-23 kits.

In 1:32, JX051 (£4.99) is for the Trumpeter A-7; JX052

(£4.99, above) covers the Tamiya F-15E Strike Eagle; JX053 (£5.60) will cover the myriad panes of glass on the Hasegawa Ju 87G Stuka kit; JX050 (£4.99) is for the Trumpeter MiG-29; and JX029 (£4.99) masks the Special Hobby P-36 Hawk kit.

Thanks to Eduard for the review samples

www. revell. de

An unusual entrant in the Accessory Reviews column, Revell has released the first colours in its new range of acrylic paint – Aqua Color. The paint comes in square-section pots that are very stable in use. The lids, which open and close by an ingenious method that works very well once you’ve opened a couple, are easy to lay flat on the workbench, paint side up, to prevent unnecessary mess. The first colours into which the editorial brush has been dipped are 36104 Gloss White, 36108 Matt Black, 36112 Gloss Yellow, 36156 Matt Blue and 36185 Matt Brown. Initial impressions are that after a thorough mixing these paints go on very well, with good opacity being displayed, even by the yellow. The finished work dries very quickly and clean up, of brushes at least, uses plain water. Revell intends to go through its Email Color range of enamels, repeating all of the colours available there in the Aqua Color range. So far Scale Aircraft Modelling has only tried brush painting with Aqua Color, but expect further impressions to appear in various builds in the future. Aqua Color is sold in 18 ml containers and, in the UK, cost a very reasonable £1.39 per pot.

Thanks to Revell for the review samples

Compiled by Tom Bell, Paul E. Eden, Bud Highleyman and Ernie Lee


48-727 1:48 F-84F – Thunderstreaks in the Guard Pt 1 £7.15 www. aeromaster. com


Two aircraft feature on this sheet: F-84F-40-RE 52-6616, 110th TFS, 131st TFW, Missouri ANG and F-84F-15-RE, 51-1485, 108th FBS, Illinois ANG, O’Hare International Airport, 1955.


48-728 1:48 F-84F – Thunderstreaks in the Guard Pt 2 £7.15 www. aeromaster. com

Again two aircraft are featured: F-84F-35-RE 52-6426, 163rd FBS, 122nd FBG, Indiana ANG and F-84F-40-GK 51-9524, 169th FIS, 182nd FIG, Illinois ANG, Peoria

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