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World war 2 model airplanes

6 Apr

World war 2 model airplanes,large scale model planes

Etched fret, separate painting and markings booklet, and adhesive masks. The first Eduard release of the kit last summer sold out in a record two weeks. The new offering is priced at £21.60.The company has also created a new kit of the Me 262B in 1:144 scale, which will be released as a two-kits-for-the-price-of-one offering in mid-February and will include photo-etched parts and decals for several colour schemes.

AML’s latest 1:72 scale release, kit No. 72035, is devoted to an Israeli-operated version of the Czechoslovak-built, post-World War II vintage Messerschmitt fighter. The box art makes use of recent findings made by IAF vintage fighter historian Alex Yaffe who determined that the IAF’s first air to air kills, scored by No. 101 Sqn commander Modi Alon, were made in Avia S-199 D-107. The box art depicts the downing of one of two Royal Egyptian Air Force C-47s flying as make shift bombers that were attacked over Tel Aviv and Rishon Le Tzion on the afternoon of 3 June 1948. The kit consists of 47 plastic parts with recessed detail, 21 cast resin parts and two vacformed clear canopies. Plastic parts 3, 19, 20, 21 and 26 are not applicable to the Avia and neither are the fuel tank parts 15 and 30, although these can be used if one wishes to depict a Vilvetta I or II Spitfire. The instruction sheet line drawings are very well done, showing clearly the positioning of the centerline bomb rack, optional lower nose cowling intake and upper fuselage wire antenna. The painting and markings sheet is printed in colour and depicts four options including D-107, D-108, D-120 and D-123, with D-107 and D-123 showing both early – and late-type markings. Please note that the fuselage colour, RAL6013, available in the Revell range of paints, is not quoted in the instructions; the F. S.34258 quoted is too vivid to represent the actual colour applied to the Avia. Do not be mislead by the instruction sheet’s suggestion of a dark green for the propeller blades – they should be painted the same RAL6013 green as the fuselage. The decal sheet is beautifully printed with no registration errors and offers markings for six different options. Alternate colour options are provided for the fuselage numbers and stepped arrow, although my research led me to the conclusion that the aircraft numbers were the same blue colour as that on the Star of David roundels. The stepped arrow was painted black, as stated by former Avia pilot Ezer Weissman.

Classic Airframe  new Martin B-57B kit 

World war 2 model airplanes,model rc plane kits

Czech Master Resin has a number of new kits in the pipeline. In 1:144 scale expect a Fokker F. VIIb/3m trimotor and Lisunov Li-2 civil and military kits. Modellers in 1:72 scale can look forward to Blackburn Buccaneer S. Mk 1, Boulton Paul P.111/P.111a (due imminently), Fokker C. VE Finnish version, Douglas Dolphin, Blackburn Firebrand, Boulton Paul P.120, Midget Mustang (racer), York C. Mk 2, Buccaneer S. Mk 2/2C/2D in FAA service, Vampire Mk I, Vampire F. Mk 30/FB. Mk 31, Spitfire Mk XVIE (due imminently), Cessna 150, Piper PA-18/L-18 Super Cub, Spitfire F. Mk IX (early version), Spitfire Tr. Mk 9, Spitfire Mk IXE/ Mk XVIE (foreign users), Spitfire Mk VII/ HF. Mk VII, Bristol Sycamore HR. Mk 14/ Mk 52, MD 900 Explorer, Laister-Kaufman TG-4 (glider) and Pratt-Read LNE-1 (glider) kits.

New from Eduard is the latest in its much-lauded series of 1:48 scale Fw 190 kits, this time the A-5 version, the first of the ‘long nose’ radials in this type (in fact, the nose was only extended 5 in (12.7 cm) longer than that of its forebears). The kit includes a complete engine and detailed gun bays all round, generous colour frets, as well as masks and markings for four machines. Kit No. 8174 is priced at £21.60.

Also, the Fw 190A-8 kit

Sold out almost immediately, is once again available after a new run was quickly cranked out by the prolific Czech firm.

Also from Eduard, in its Limited Edition series, is a second release of its treatment of the American firm Accurate Miniatures’ Yak-1B (kit No. 1126), this time with five more quite colourful markings choices, as well as the trademark Eduard colour photo-

World war 2 model airplanes,for model airplanes

New releases from Hasegawa are once again prolific. To 1:72 scale the company has F-4F Phantom II JG 72 ‘Westfalen Special 2001’ (£17.99), MiG-29 ‘Fulcrum’ ‘German Special’ (£13.99), RF-4E Phantom II ‘Israeli Air Force/IAF’ (£17.99), Grumman S2F-1 Tracker ‘USN/US Navy’ (£13.99), AH-64A Apache ‘Iraqi Freedom’ (£8.99), F/A-18C Hornet ‘VFA-97 Warhawks’ (£13.99), F/A-18F Super Hornet ‘VFA-102 Diamondbacks CAG aircraft’ (£13.99) and F-14D Tomcat ‘VF-31 Tomcatters’ (£19.99).

World war 2 model airplanes,model airplane supplies

To 1:48 scale it has F-4J Phantom II ‘Colourful USMC’ (£25.99), Douglas A-4M Skyhawk ‘VMA-311 Tomcats’ (£17.99), Nakajima Ki-44-II Shoki (Tojo) ’85th Flight’ (£16.99), Lockheed CF-104 Starfighter ‘Tiger Meet’ (£17.99), F/A-18E Super Hornet

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