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Units of the 8th Air Force

3 Sep

USAAF Colours

4: American Eagles, P-51 Mustang Units of the 8th Air Force

Roger Freeman Ian Allan Publishing £16.95 Having a similar format to the Jadgwaffe books, this title covers a subject that just about every kit manufacturer in the world has had a go at. There are enough decal sheets available to cover a hanger, so it is apt that we get a volume such as this to check out their accuracy.

However much artwork I see, and it ranges from patriotic to glamorous, I can always find an unusual example. In this case, it is on the P-51D flown by William Hovde, which carried his full name in Russian because it participated in a shuttle flight to that country. It seems that modellers can never get enough of the Mustang, so I cannot see why this book will not be added to many a bookshelf.

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