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Trumpeter Su-15 TM Flagon-F Sukhoi

16 Mar

Trumpeter Su-15 TM Flagon-F Sukhoi,airplanes buy

Ifs really good to see a major aircraft type thafs been largely ignored by mainstream manufacturers produced as a kit at last. The Flagon was the Cold War air defender of the USSR between around 1967 and 1993, appearing in the photo albums of many Western reconnaissance aircrew and being involved in major incidents including the tragic Korean Airlines 007 shootdown. This kit represents a late-model Flagon-F with improved engines, radar and GCI performance. The stout box contains five light grey and one transparent sprue, a smallish but jammed-full decal sheet, fold-out instructions and a full-colour painting and finishing guide. Moulded panel and rivet detail is recessed and finely done. Ifs apparent from the separate cockpit upper decking piece that further versions are planned.


The build is entirely conventional, starting with the tiny cockpit. The ejection seat is a bit basic and the instruments represented by a flat panel with a small lump on top for the radar scope. No panel decal is supplied, but little can be seen under the heavy canopy framing anyway, especially after I shoved a pilot in! The no problem. No nose weight is needed.

Trumpeter Su-15 TM Flagon-F Sukhoi,jet model plane

The upper decking piece needs careful fitting, but achieves a neat join, while mainplanes, tailplanes, vertical fin and the huge nose cone are added with The canopy is supplied as separate hood and windscreen, and with main assembly completed you simply need to add intakes and boundary layer plates, undercarriage, pitot tube and scores of those small air scoops that cover Russian aircraft to finish the bulk of the build.Underwing stores comprise an R-98MR (AA-3) pointy-nosed radar-guided AAM on the starboard outer pylon, R-98MT (AA-3) blunt-nosed infra-red heat seeker on the port outer, two R-60 (AA-8 Aphid) heat seakers on the inner pylons, and two belly-mounted twin 23mm cannon. Two large drop tanks without pylons are also supplied, but not mentioned in the instructions.

Trumpeter Su-15 TM Flagon-F Sukhoi,gemini jets

Colour Options

Markings are supplied for three aircraft:

1) Red 43 in natural metal

2) Yellow 11 in natural metal

3) Red 01 in a striking camouflage scheme of sand, brown and two greens over light blue/grey.

I chose Red 43 in silver for a quicker result, and because the intercept-type photos I’ve seen of Su-15s have been silver aircraft, but I intend to do a camouflaged aircraft as well. Markings are fairly basic, just numbers and red stars, but there are a couple of hours-worth of stencils and placards to apply, which add enormously to the finished product. Decal quality is superb, sharp, dense and they settle perfectly. There was no adverse reaction to decal setting solutions, not that any was actually needed, but I use the wetting agent as a matter of habit.


An excellent, long-overdue subject choice, and a pleasant no-problem build, highly recommended. Roll out the two-seater.

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