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TigerMoth flight

9 Feb

TigerMoth flight,cheap rc planes

The Tiger Moth Story Alan Bramson Crecy Publishing Limited As an update of a book first published in 1964 and most recently amen led in 1991, The Tiger Moth Story needs little introduction to many enthusiasts and modellers.
It is as comprehensive as ever and presents the history of the Tiger Moth in a readable and convincing manner. I was enthralled by the proposals for using the Tiger against invasion forces. I’d heard of the ‘Paraslasher’ and assumed it was for slashing parachutes. It hadn’t crossed my mind that it was also intended for the slashing of the paras themselves. These descriptions of the dark days of World War II represent just a fraction of the information provided, all of it backed up by a great selection of black and white photographs. Of the colour sections, the first, of photographs and profiles, is rather darkly reproduced and one image on page I is reversed, but the second section is beautiful.
This book chronicles USAF reconnaissance units in the period from 1945 to Vietnam, including missions behind the Iron Curtain, culminating in the 1970s. This is a hefty volume, a little under A4 with over 300 pages profusely illustrated in both monochrome and colour. The bulk of the book is concerned with the operational history of these units and as involved the treatment is much more detailed than usual. The story starts with Korea and the RF-51 Mustang. Although a fine aircraft, the RF-51’s cameras were used to confirm visual reports, meaning that they flew at low level where the aircraft were vulnerable to ground fire. One of the aircraft to follow the RF-51 was the RF-80. Somewhat surprisingly, RAAF Meteors sometimes escorted these. (What the Meteor was expected to do against a MiG-15 I don’t know, but presumably the Australian pilots weren’t happy with their mounts either.)

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