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Tweet Luftwaffe Colours, Volume 3, Section

Tweet The basic aircraft was painted Spray-n-Plate Silver overall, with Humbrol Satin Black used for the undersides of the hull,

Tweet The F-4S was an updated version of the F-4J, produced in the late 1970s to give the USN and USMC a relatively modem fighter, while waiting for the F-14 and F-18 to come

Tweet The Fujimi kit comes in a box illustrated with an evocative painting of two Zeros in a stormy sunlit sky. Inside, the kit has fifty-four grey plastic

Mirage Update

13, Mar 2012

Tweet When Eduard released their Mirage NIC I thought this would be the start of a whole family of Mirage variants but so far they have only

Tweet This very generous helping covers British Anti-Flash white pink/blue roundels and codes. The double sheet includes one set of roundels for each RAF V-Bomber, TSR.2, FAA Blackburn NA39 or Buccaneer S.1/S.2 and all applicable serials in 1/72. Bonus decals included are 700Z NAS freestyle font number carried by NA39’s, Waddington flight Vulcan B.1A Lincoln […]

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