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T-6G Texan

30 Mar

T-6G Texan,model planes

Kit: T-6G Texan Scale: 1:48

Kit type: Injection moulded Decal options: (five) ‘14700’, EALA 3/1, ‘Air Pluto’, I’Armee de I ‘Air, Algeria, 1961; ‘28227’, EALA 11/72, I’Armee de I’Air, La Reghaia, Algeria, 1957; SNJ-5 12508/JH-58, VC-10, US Navy, NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 1956; Harvard Mk 4 BF+073, Luftwaffe, Fliegerhorst Kaufbeuren, Germany, 1961; AA-56, Accademia Aeronautica, Aeronautica Militare, Napoli, 1955 UK price: £10.99 Website: www. italeri. com

This kit represents one of Italeri’s recent re-boxings of an original Occidental kit. The model itself is packed in a lid-and-tray type box with the box art depicting an Armee de I’Air machine operated in Algeria in 1961. The box provides a comprehensive instruction sheet, three bagged sprues (one of which carries the transparent parts that, incidentally, are also bagged separately), and a decal sheet covering five marking options and including comprehensive stencil data. On closer inspection of the plastic you will find that all panel lines are engraved, with the odd access panel being presented by raised or recessed detail. The larger proportion of parts is flash free. However, there is some misalignment of moulds, which is irritating where items like the undercarriage legs (which are moulded as a solid item) are concerned. There is also the odd sink mark on a couple of the thicker parts, but a little filler will soon deal with them.

As always with Italeri, construction is covered in a logical step-by-step fashion, with paint colours provided in Federal Standard or Model Master numbers.
The detail displayed on the model is now looking a little dated. Nothing is really sharply defined and this gives the model a slightly clumsy, ‘soft’ look. That said, a nice replica can still be produced, with the only modification I made to any kit part being to drill out the engine exhaust.
As mentioned earlier, the decals provided cover five machines. The option 1 chose to model is the subject of the box art, a T-6G of the Armee de I’Air’s EALA 3/1, based in Algeria in 1961. I painted the interior with Xtracrylic paints and the exterior was first primed with Halfords grey primer, followed by Halfords silver. The panel lines were airbrush-shaded onto this with very thin black, and the whole model was then airbrushed with Lifecolor silver. The decals were applied with the aid of Mr Mark Softer decal solution. Once the model was dry, all the panel lines were further enhanced with an engineer’s mechanical pencil. The whole finish was finally sealed with Lifecolor satin varnish.
The other decal options provide for a T-6G of EALA 11/72, which is finished in overall yellow. The US Navy SNJ-5 based at NAS Guantanamo is in a red/ye I low/grey scheme, while the Harvard Mk 4 of the Luftwaffe is overall yellow and silver. Finally, the T-6G of the Aeronautica Militare is finished in an overall orange scheme.
In conclusion, I really enjoyed this build. Indeed, the most taxing part was trying to decide which marking scheme to opt for. The kit itself was quick and easy to construct, with nothing more than a little filler being needed on the odd join, and the finished model is very pleasing to behold. Representing cheap and fun modelling, I can recommend this kit to all.

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