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Spitfire V

7 Sep

build a model plane

The Spitfire V Manual and The Hurricane II Manual; Extracts from the Official Air Publications Greenhill Books £19.99 each As far as I am aware this is the third edition of this Spitfire book. This does not matter of course, because whole new generations of modellers have entered the hobby since the last edition was published. The attraction of this book is two fold. Because it is a compilation of various volumes of the AP, there is information to suit all tastes. If you are an armchair pilot, then the pilot’s notes will satisfy you’ but for the modeller it is the
exploded views and technical drawings that will the undercarriage, for example, there are engineer’s drawings of the leg. If you want to check if your Spitfire’s seat is up to scratch, then there is a photograph of that. If you are into super detailing then this hefty hardback could be for you. attract. If you want to scratch build, or improve
. The Hurricane volume is even thicker. It covers a host of modifications fitted to the later Mk lis, such as the arrester gear on the Sea Hurricane and the 40-mm cannon on the Mk IID and Mk IV. Again information like this is not found in usual aircraft books.

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