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8 Jul

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As if Eduard has not made a significant enough contribution to improving the quality of the Fokker model in general with its 1:48 scale D. VII series, the Czech firm has now followed the earlier kit with a very nice E. V/D. VIII. On the Allied side the aircraft seems to be known better by the latter designation rather than the original ‘E’ for ‘eindekker’ moniker. The change was a PR move by Fokker when the first batch of these aircraft, due to shoddy workmanship and a few design flaws, tended to shed their ‘razor’ wing with almost 100 percent fatal results. By redesignating the type, it was believed pilots would be a bit more trusting of their new mounts. This kit actually includes two wings, which appear identical at first glance. But upon closer examination, or the application of paint, the builder can immediately see that Eduard has ingeniously copied the ‘wavy’ look of the plywood’s dipping and rising on the real thing due to humidity, poor fit, and various other reasons. A ‘perfect’ wing is also provided for those who don’t go in for that sort of realism, which could be mistaken for a poorly moulded part. The wings are moulded in one piece, and SAM’s sample had not one sink mark. Rare for such a large and thick piece. This extraordinary little kit (No. 8096, £15.50) is rounded out with a complete set of pre-cut lozenge covering, inside and out, and markings for four machines, plus a sizeable colour photo-etched fret and a set of yellow-tape masks. It should be added that this kit is cast from an entirely new set of moulds, and has nothing in common with the earlier nf thp адтр tvnfi it seems that only Eduard could take a kit that is already close to flawless and make it better. Such is the case with the Limited Edition series 1:48 Yak-1 (No. 1115, £17.99), originally cast by the American firm Accurate Miniatures. Eduard has taken the original kit, and added an extra-large decal sheet for six machines, with a comprehensive colour markings guide, masks and a beautiful fret of colour PE parts.

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Finally, an unusual choice, but one that may prove popular; Eduard has taken its recent release of the second of a planned three versions in its 1:48 Fokker D. VII series, the D. VII (FOK), and doubled it. Kit No. 8133 (£27.75) literally has two complete kits, identical to the single kit, though disappointingly only the original four sets of markings are included. This might be a chance to use some aftermar-ket decals to replace those that came with the original kit. The only thing in this set that is not doubled is the decal sheet for the individual machines. There are, however, two sets of lozenge stock and wing tapes.

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