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7 Jun

commercial model airplanes

Roden has issued four more World War I subjects. In 1:72 scale is the Sopwith F. l Camel (£7.50) with decals for eight aircraft: B6313, flown by Capt. William Barker, No. 28 Sqn RFC, Grossa, Italy, 1918; D6402, flown by Cpt. H. W. Woollett, No. 43 Sqn, RAF, Touquin, summer 1918; F2137, flown by Capt. Donald R. MacLaren, Athies, No. 46 Sqn, RAF, October 1918; B6390, flown by Fit Cdr R. Collishaw, No. 13 Sqn, RNAS, Ostende, December 1917; B7270, flown by Capt. A. R. Brown, No. 209 Sqn, RAF, Bertangles, April 1918; an unidentified machine flown by Lt Hollington, No. 37 Squadron, RAF/RFC, (Home Defence), Stow Maries, summer 1918; an unidentified machine flown by Lt W. A. Pratt, No. 44 Sqn, RAF/RFC, Hainault Farm, early 1918; and F1955, flown by Capt. S. M. Kinkead, ‘B’ Flight, ‘A’ Detachment, South Russia Instructional Mission, Ekaterinodar, 1919. In the same scale Sopwith TF. l Camel Trench Fighter (£6.95) has decals for B9278, flown by Capt L. J. Wacket, France, March 1918 and the Felixstowe F.2A (with upper wing gunner position) (£17.95) has markings for N4543, No. 230 Squadron, RAF, Felixstowe, July 1918.
1:48 scale the Fokker D. VII (OAW, mid) (£17.50) kit has decals for the aircraft of: Ltn. Rudolf Stark, Jasta 35b, August 1918; Ltn. Hans Jungwirth, Jasta 78b, summer/autumn 1918; Ltn. Ulrich Neckel, Jasta 6, September/October 1918; Karl Ritscherie, Jasta 60, October 1918; Ltn. Friedrich Stoer, Jasta 35b,

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Special Hobby has three 1:72 releases. Sikorsky JRS-1 ‘US Flying Boat’ (£20.99) comes via Hannants and includes resin parts, etched-metal and instrument panel film. It has decals for l-J-1, l-J-2 and l-J-3, VJ-1, US Navy, where l-J-1 was involved in the search for the Japanese fleet on 7 December 1941; 4-J-10, VJ-4, US Navy, 1942; and an S-43 of the Chinese government flown as the personal aircraft of Chiang Kai-Shek, 1938. Also available are Piaggio P.108A (£30.50) and Reggiane Re.2000 III series (£11.25).
Trumpeter has added a
1:72 Tupolev Tu-160 ‘Blackjack’ to its range at £69.99.

phoenix models rc

From Valom in 1:72 are two versions of the TBD-1 Devastator: the Devastator (early) kit includes decals for 3-T-14, USS Saratoga, NAS North Island, San Diego, California, 1938 and 2-T-l, USS Lexington, San Diego, California, 1938; while Devastator (1942) has markings for ‘5’, Wake Island, February 1942 and ‘8’, USS Enterprise, April 1942. The kits cost £19.50 each.

Compiled by Tom Bell, Dale Clarke, Paul E. Eden and Ernie Lee, with additional material supplied by Hannants

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