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19 Jul

4 ch rc plane
rc jet

Quite simply, these sheets provide no more or less than the legend ‘US NAVY’ on sheets 48-036 and 48-038, and ‘US MARINES’ on sheets 48-037 and 48-039. These identifiers were carried by US
Navy and Marine aircraft throughout the 1930s and early in World War II in this particular style. There are enough for dozens of models, and they are printed in 1:48 scale 3-, 4-, 6- and 9-in sizes.

Thanks to Yellow-Wings for the review samples

wood model planes

This quite superb set from Zotz includes six sheets (two of which are shown above) in its 1:48 scale release, while a full-colour 16-page instruction booklet accompanies the decals. The same aircraft are depicted in each scale, although the 1:32 release has no two-seaters. Briefly, decals are provided to cover three Indonesian F-16A and two F-16B Block 15 aircraft; two UAE F-16E and two F-16F machines; one each of the Chilean Block 52 F-16C/D; four Singaporean Block 52 F-16Cs and six ‘big-spine’ F-16Ds; nine Norwegian F-16A MLU and three F-16B MLU aircraft; two Italian F-16A ADF and one F-16B ADF machines; three Thai F-16A, one F-16A ADF, two F-16B and one F-16B ADF aircraft; five Dutch F-16A MLU ‘Vipers’; and a Jordanian F-16 ADF. A generous selection of national insignia and stencils is also supplied.

flying rc model planes

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