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Scale model building materials

3 Jul

wooden model aircraft

This sheet contains decals for nine RAF aircraft: Chinook HC. Mk 2 ZH775, No. 18 Sqn, RAF Odiham, July 2005; HC. Mk 2 ZD575, No. 18 Sqn, Operation Telic, Iraq, 2003; HC. Mk 2 ZD981, No. 27 Sqn, RAF Odiham, KFOR duties, 1999; HC. Mk 1 ZA712, No. 7 Sqn, RAF Odiham, special duties during Operation Sranby, 1991; HC. Mk 1 ZA673, No. 240 OCU, RAF Odiham, Operation Granby, 1991; HC. Mk 2 ZA704 Double Exposure, No. 1310 Flight, Divulje barracks, Split, Croatia, NATO/IFOR duties, 1996; HC. Mk 2 ZA718 The Survivor, No. 18 Sqn, Operation Telic, Iraq, 2003; HC. Mk 2AZA712, No. 27 Sqn, RAF Odiham, 2005; and HC. Mk 2 ZD980, No. 7 Sqn, RAF Odiham, UN duties over Jugoslavia, August 1995.

rhanks to The Aviation Workshop for the review sample

This sheet is for an aircraft decorated for the 2004 NATO Tiger Meet. The decals them-

model airplane rc

This sheet has decals for four RAF night-fighters: Bristol Beaufighter Mk VIF, flown by P/O Jan Serhant and Fit Sgt Zbysek Necas, No. 68 Sqn; Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I, No. 256 Sqn; Hawker Hurricane Mk I, flown by Sqn Ldr J. W. C. Simpson, No. 245 Sqn; and Bristol Blenheim Mk I with AI. Mk III radar, No. 600 Sqn.
This is a small sheet containing markings to produce either of two Croatian and one Yugoslav Morane-Saulnier MS.406s. They are Nos 2305 and 2308 of the Croatian air force, early 1944 and No. 2308 when used by the Yugoslav Partisan air force, Zaluzani/Banja Luka, 

selves cover a significant area of the helicopter’s fuselage.
high planes models
air plane kits armour diecast aircraft

This is the sort of thing that should be in the decal bank of every modeller of British aircraft. It consists of four sheets containing national insignia, serial numbers and code letters for use on World War II British Pacific Fleet aircraft. This is an inexpensive way to produce the aircraft of your choice, with no need to buy a specialist decal sheet with six Corsairs on when you only want to make one.
This sheet includes national insignia for one aircraft and three sets of individual decals for Lancaster B. Mk I ‘CF-F2’ ‘FOX 2’, No. 625 Squadron, RAF Ke I stern, 1945; B. Mk I ‘WS-Y’
Younger, No. 9 Squadron, RAF Bardney, 1944; and B. Mk III ‘JO-U’ Uncle Joe, No. 463 Squadron, RAAF, Waddington, 1944.

cessna model hobby shop

These sheets provide decals for eight Vampires in 1:72 and 1:48 scales as follows: F. Mk 3 c/n EEP42408 ‘B-AE’, No. 331 Sqn, 1949; FB. Mk 52 c/n V0062 ‘B-BB’, No. 336 Sqn, 1949; F. Mk 3 c/n EEP42280 ‘Sl-G’, No. 337 Sqn, 1954; F. Mk 3 c/n EEP42459 ‘PX-H’, No. 336 Sqn, 1952; FB. Mk 52 c/n V0445 ‘WHC’, Wing Commander’s aircraft,
Gardermoen; FB. Mk 52 c/n V0307 ‘ZK-V’, No. 337 Sqn, 1954; FB. Mk 52 c/n V0108 ‘PX-AE’, No. 336 Sqn, 1953; and T. Mk 55 c/n V15028 ‘ZK-M’, No. 337 Sqn, 1954.

3d plane models

Thanks to Nils Mathisrud for the review sample

rhese sheets contain the same markings as those in 48-023 and 48-024 (February 2006, 27/12 issue), except :or use on US Marine Corps aircraft. Marine Corps machines carried a few extra symbols which are explained in the accompanying instruction and colouring sheet. All four sheets include plenty ol scale 12-in numbers 0-9 fot specific aircraft-in-squadror designations to aid in building particular aircraft.
of the aircraft portrayed by the sheet, as well as a very nice colour painting guide.

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