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Ruslan an 124

6 Jul

plastic model planes

Kit: Antonov An-124 Ruslan Scale: 1:144

Kit type: Injection moulded Decal options: (five) Russian air force; Aeroflot; Polet Cargo Airlines, Voronezh; Heavy-Lift/ Volga-Dnepr, Operation Christmas Child, 2003; International Red Cross, Geneva, 2003 UK price: £19.99 Website: www. revell. de
The Revell company is certainly getting into the big stuff.

SAM recently reviewed the Airbus A380 and now we have the An-124. With a length of 48 cm (19 in) and a wing span of 51 cm (20 in), the one serious problem is deciding where to put the completed model!
There are a number of assembly options. These are described as versions 1 to 5, and range from flying configuration with gear up to ground configuration with gear down; the latter can be subdivided into nose doors open and kneeling, rear doors only open, or a combination of the last two. After choosing a configuration, one then follows the appropriate assembly drawings. The review model was finished with rear doors open.
The interior is fully detailed, with hoists and ladders to the upper cockpit deck, which itself is nicely detailed. In fact, the fuselage is ‘double skinned’; a complete interior is assembled and then mated with the fuselage halves. A massive 50-g (1.76-oz) weight is required to prevent tail-sitting. Assembly of the main undercarriage is a job in itself, with 10 undercarriage legs and 20 wheels to paint. There is a myriad of panel lines, which are visible but not obtrusive. The four engines have nicely detailed compressors and turbines. Some of the smaller parts have a little flash, but this is easily scraped off. Assembly is straightforward and all components fit very well, but running glue around large areas is a slight problem.
The decal sheet is about the biggest I have met. It measures 52 by 22 cm (20 by 8% in) and provides markings for a choice of five machines. I did not apply all the detail markings. If I had, the review would not be ready until next Christmas! There are 130 decals for the upper wing, 280 for the lower wing surfaces, 48 on the fin, and 43 on each engine nacelle. To be quite honest I feel they are rather excessive. Why not provide the 62 little red crosses on the panels of each wing as one or two strips instead of separate markings? The 62 inspection panels under each wing could be treated in the same way. However, the decal quality is very good: they are clearly printed and adhere well.
In conclusion, this is another well thought out Revell offering.

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