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28 Aug

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Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, Parti Tomasz Szlagor and Krzysztof Janowicz Kagero US$22.46 Website: www. squadron. com

This volume is No. 17 in Kagero’s series of monographs that has so far been limited to World War II types. It provides 26 pages of outstanding line drawings of each variant of the Thunderbolt, another dozen pages of colour profiles and photographs, and a decal sheet with markings for three machines in 1:72 and 1:48 scales. Kagero’s books improve with each new release, and I am now of the opinion that, for the price, there are no better single-volume references for the modeller currently available.
The book is in Kagero’s usual format using Polish and English text, with good translation of the latter.

The 80 pages of developmental and combat history does not give us many new revelations about this aircraft, but the book is especially well thoughtout in providing details of P-47 variants. As with other volumes in the series, Kagero provides drawings of an example of every block of the Thunderbolt’s production, from the prototypes on, with drawings highlighting each visible change in the aircraft, and text describing interior changes. Volume One takes us up to the P-47D-40, which was among the first of the ‘bubbletop’ machines, with their blown canopies (adopted from Block 25 of the P-47D), replacing the older ‘razorbacks’. The drawings are generally to 1:48 scale, with some in 1:72, and there are fold-outs for the plan views.

It’s hard to guess what might be in store for Volume Two, since the Thunderbolt went out of front-line service with the US and its major allies as soon as the war ended. The M and N versions saw some short duty during the occupation and even a little combat at the very end of the war. However, having collected several of Kagero’s books, I think I can safely guess that the second volume will not be packed with ‘filler’ or wasted space, and that much more on the history of this remarkable machine is still left to be told, and to be illustrated in the remarkable draughtsmanship and painting talent displayed in each of these volumes.

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