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Nord 2502 NoratlasN2500

17 Mar

Nord 2502 NoratlasN2500,scale model shops

The Nord N2502 Noratlas is a civil version of the N2500/N2501 that was originally designed and built as a result of a competition in 1947 by the Direction Technique Industrielle in France for a medium-weight cargo aircraft to fulfill a requirement by the Armee de I’Air. The N2502A was a Civil version for UAT {Union A6romaritime du Transport) and CGTA – Air Algerie (N-2502B) with two Turbomeca Marbore IIIE turbojets and two Bristol Hercules 758/759 turboprops of 1,650 hp each. The civil versions never enjoyed the success that the military versions had and only ten were built. The kit itself comes in a stout cardboard box and contains sixteen resin and five white metal parts, one nicely printed decal sheet, one A4 single side printed assembly/plans sheet and an A5 Colour decal location/colour reference sheet. The resin parts are cleanly cast with very little flash and very few pin holes. There is a small amount of cleaning up to do on the parts, but this is the norm on resin kits.  The white metal parts are also nicely cast and will clean up very easily.

Construction N2500

Nord 2502 NoratlasN2500,large model kits

The fuselage is a single hollow cast resin part to which the clamshell door, which is another single casting, is fitted. This means that the doors, once split into two parts, can be modelled in the open position if required as the fuselage is moulded hollow to allow for some interior detailing. With the fuselage being solid forward of the approximate forward bulkhead position there is no cockpit detail and there are no clear parts for the cockpit/cabin windows, these being catered for on the decal sheet. Vacform cockpit windows were commissioned to replace the solid resin cockpit section to give a bit more depth in this area, which entailed cutting the cockpit section from the resin fuselage then replacing it with the vacform part then blending the two together again with filler. This was surprisingly easy and very effective when finished and is an improvement on the decal cockpit windows.


Scale: 1/144

Kit No: FR14051/052

Price: £27.50

Decal Options: 1

Panel Lines: Recessed

Status: New Tooling

Type: Resin

Parts: Resin 20. Metal 5

Manufacturer: F-rsin

UK Importer: Hannants

The wings have moulded pins on their inner edges that mate with holes in the fuselage a bit of jiggling here was necessary to get the wing leading edges level with the corresponding part on the fuselage. The tail booms/engines slot onto the corresponding locations on each wing then the tailplane is glued between the two. A small amount of filler was needed to blend the tail booms to the wings, and the fit of these parts needed a bit of work to get them sitting level, but the resin is very forgiving so the work was not excessive. I was not sure whether nose weight would be needed due to the weight of the tail boom assembly and the fact that I had removed a solid chunk of resin from the nose so I glued the undercarriage into position at this stage and taped the clamshell doors on temporarily. My uncertainty was unfounded, though, as there was still plenty of weight to hold the nose down, so the clamshell doors were glued into position then faired into the fuselage. This was the main construction complete ready for painting. A couple of coats of Halfords Acrylic White Primer were applied, which was good enough to provide the upper fuselage and tail boom finish, then the lower fuselage was masked off and Humbrol 27002 Polished Aluminium was applied to all other surfaces.

Nord 2502 NoratlasN2500,build model planes

The only things left to fit were the props and main landing gear wheels. The resin prop spinners had tiny globules of resin inside them which needed to be ground out carefully before they could be fitted to the white metal props, and this was tricky as one slip would wreck the spinner altogether and no spares were available. The props were not to be fitted until after the decals had been applied so they were put to one side. There are no undercarriage bay doors with the kit nor are there any main landing gear retraction jacks, so these were added from strip styrene and rod respectively. This only left the decals to apply.

Colour Options

Nord 2502 NoratlasN2500,rc model plane plans

Only one scheme accompanies this kit, this being a UAT Aeromaritime – Nord 2502 Noratlas, with registration numbers for either F-BGZA or F-BGZF. The colour sheet with the kit shows the aircraft painted in overall silver (or natural metal, but a bit of research showed that the top of the fuselage and tail booms and tail fins were painted white, although this may be a case of either/or. Past experience has taught me to be careful with the decals supplied with F-RSIN kits; the print quality is excellent but they are extremely fragile and will break up easily or fold back on themselves when sliding them from the backing sheet. They did fracture in places even before they had been removed from the water but after careful application the fracture lines disappeared and they showed their true glory and quality.


A very simple kit to assemble and a good contender for a first time resin kit. A minimal amount of correction work was necessary to get to the painting stage and the end result is a very neat eye-catching model. The extra work of replacing the solid cockpit glazing with a vacform part is something that is not easy to achieve as the replacement transparency is not as far as I am aware, commercially available. (These pieces were made for me by Mr. Paul Lucas, when I had originally intended building the kit myself as a Luftwaffe transport. Sadly lack of time to tackle the project compelled me to relinquish this splendid kit to someone who would actually build it. It is purely a personal prejudice that I prefer not to use decals for windows, and the kit will build very well without them, however Paul did a magnificent job of the vacform parts and I am pleased Andy has used them here to such good effect – Editor). Overall this is a nice kit from F-RSIN of the Nord 2502 Noratlas and builds into a nice representation of the aircraft, especially as it is the non-military version, and looks smart in its white and silver with blue/yellow stripes.

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