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Two-bay biplane

10 Sep

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Because of its ess complicated fuselage con – struction the former was the first to appear on the Western
Front. It was a straightforward two-bay biplane with extremely clean lines and an extremely large propeller.
Even by Albatros Productions’ standards many of the photographs here are exceptional and if you are building an accurate model, particularly in the larger scales, a number of these shots are vital. Some of the close-ups show the complex anchor points for the struts and bracing wires. As to colour schemes – you would think that the crew would want to be inconspicuous when in the air, yet one aircraft was finished overall in blue with white squares! This, and two other machines, are illustrated in colour, one of them sporting a natty sharkmouth. The cover painting is by Brian Knight, the artwork by Bob Pearson and the all-important 1:72 and 1:48 scale drawings are by Martin Digmayer, all part of the well-known team making this another ‘must have’ for the World War I enthusiast.

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