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Nakajima Ki 27 Nate

25 Mar

Nakajima Ki 27 Nate,model airplane shops

The kit arrives in ICM’s standard end-opening light card box, with nice front artwork and a paint scheme diagram on the rear. Upon opening, you are treated to two sprues of grey plastic and one clear. The plastic is the slightly soft type, so favoured by the Russian and Ukranian kit manufacturers, which has both benefits and disadvantages. Included on the sprues are extra parts for the other boxing of the kit, in its Ki-27a form. At first glance the parts may look a touch rough, but upon closer inspection, all of the parts contain some of the finest and most comprehensive detailing I have seen. All of the panel lines, for example, have to be as close to scale as is possible. The tool-maker must have been a jeweller in a past career.


For the build, I started my usual way by pre-painting the smaller parts and main interior parts on the sprue. The instructions, consisting of three pages of photos of the kit parts, start with internals first. This being ICM, means that as well as a comprehensive cockpit, you also get a multipart engine, and the bulkhead and bearers to put it on. The instructions are a little vague due to the photographic nature, and this caused some niggles. It is indicated that you should attach the exhausts to the rear of the engine, however, this caused alignment problems for me, so I simply glued them to the fuselage sides. More than enough detail is provided for the interior, and all in injected plastic. This includes guns for the floor, which you are advised to attach to the lower wing half, then the fuselage. I found this to be another problem area, but again it was easier rectified by simply leaving the guns out, attaching the cockpit floor and assembly direct to the fuselage, and then adding the wings.

After that it was a fairly straightforward build, but with one minor exception, which was caused by the soft plastic. Overall the fit of parts is good, but in some cases some extra cleaning up, and then extra pressure were required for a better fit. During one of these sessions I managed to bend the wings. Fortunately though, I noticed t early enough, and they were bent back to shape without lasting effects. You have been warned.

Colour Options Ki-27 nate

Nakajima Ki 27 Nate,biplane models

With the kit you get four paint schemes, three in overall IJA Grey, and one in three-tone camo. Two of the Grey options cover the Nomonhan incident in 1939, and the other a Japan based aircraft in 1944. The final option is for a 24 Sentai, 2 Chutai machine in China in December 1941 in a three-tone camouflage, which was my choice. However, this choice was delayed slightly by the fact that the colours are only called out in either Model Master numbers, and a brand called AKAH, who I guess are Ukrainian. Neither of these translate into more common brands, so in the end I resorted to using 4 jars of Aeromaster Warbird enamels, that I remembered I had: IJA Grey, Dark Army Green, Medium Army green, and Earth Brown. I would point out here, that some of ICM’s paint schemes are printed on a small size sheet, and this can cause them to be a little unclear, and so need careful study.

The decals are finely printed and very thin, with a matt finish. They have excellent colour density, and conform superbly to all the surface detail, but are on the fragile side. The only one that did not go as I wanted was the fuselage band, and that was me, not the decals, I can never get them straight.


Nakajima Ki 27 Nate,n scale aircraft

Overall I was very impressed with this kit, as it is well detailed and goes together easily. The only real downside was the occasionally unclear instructions. I enjoyed making this one, and have subsequently bought and started the earlier version – perhaps I shall even do another, and open it up to show off the most of the detail. Well recommended to all, especially as at the current price it is superb value for money. More like this please ICM.

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