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MPM Wellington II (Merlin engine)

20 Mar

MPM Wellington II (Merlin engine),model airplanes

MPM’s Wellington has been around now for a couple years, also appearing as an Italeri boxing, but this latest issue deals with the Merlin powered Mk II and therefore a new sprue is included consisting of all the relevant pieces used here. In general, all the kifs contents are good quality with nice surface detailing replicating the structure of the real machine very well. In fact, I’d say, better than other issues of the type. There are quite a number of parts left over including two types of radials and their accoutrements plus a different set of tail planes for the other versions of the Wimpy. No etched sets but a pair of resin engine fronts/intakes for the Merlin are included.

Construction Wellington II

MPM Wellington II (Merlin engine),ducted fan

The first stages cover the reasonably detailed flight deck and turrets. The latter pair proved a little tricky as the instructions are not too clear in indicating part positions and adding the clear parts needed careful handling while gluing them in place. The openings for the triangular waist gun positions need to be opened up and the locations are defined with a basic shape on the insides and require chain drilling and careful use of a scalpel or a knife of heavier duty to cut through it. In addition to this, constant trimming and dry fitting is needed to ensure the opening is not cut oversize.

The glazing also needs to have a hole drilled, as indicated in the instructions, to allow fitting of the weapons. This done, the long panoramic glazing needs careful fixing but is totally devoid of the geodetic framework that is included on the rest of the fuselage halves. Silver coloured striping by Xtradecal from my stock was used quite effectively before the fuselage halves could be joined. From the outside the effect is realistic. The remaining stages of the build consisted of the wing assemblies, undercarriage and all the easily knocked off bits like aerials and so on. Two sets of tail planes are included, one with tabs that fit into the slots and the other without. The instructions say to use parts CI (without) and these have the extended leading edges up to the elevator horns leading me to believe they were only applicable to later series Wimpeys, so I opted to use the set that have the narrower chords (on the B sprue) as they would suit the earlier aircraft and also be easier to fit. Here I noted that there is a rather sharp angle of attack to the line of flight. Now I’m not absolutely sure if this is right or not but when in place is not really noticeable. For all I know, they may be wrong anyway and parts CI should have been used. Generally, all the major items fit OK, as did the resin fronts and separate exhausts. The wing-to-fuselage fit is good and the undercarriage also looks fine, with a fairly detailed bay.

Colour Options wellington 2

MPM Wellington II (Merlin engine),rc model plans

A four-page leaflet in full colour is provided for painting and finishing and is very welcome. Of the four options two represent 305 (Polish) Squadron aircraft, one coded SM-S/W5567 with nose art (Popeye) and mission tally to the fin that is quite unusual, and SM-H/W5566 also with nose art (Donald Duck) and similar mission markers. The next is Z8345/EP-S of 104 Squadron and finally W5442/BU-V of 214 Squadron. All are from around the 1941-42 period and in standard finish of dark green, earth and black.
The decals for these subjects are really very nice. They are thin and delicate but lay very well when treated with decal solutions and a little care


Apart from the extra labour involved in opening up the waist gun positions and adding the decal framework to the interior, the model built up well with all major parts fitting well and not a smear of filler anywhere. The kit has excellent surface and interior detailing and MPM have provided a good example of the famed Wimpy. Sometime I’ll have a crack at the Trumpeter one to compare the two.

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