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24 Jun

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In 1:48 scale Big Eds are available for the still fairly new Trumpeter Fw 200 Condor (BIG4846, £44.90, above, minus mask set), for Tamiya’s fine Ki-46-lll ‘Dinah’ kit (BIG4847, £21.60), and for two Hasegawa kits, the Ki-61-l Hien ‘Tony’ (BIG4845, £22.80) and the МС.205 Veltro (BIG4848, £24.05).

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Eduard has two new 1:32 scale Big Ed sets: BIG3230 (£21.60) is for the Trumpeter Me 262A-1 Schwalbe kit, while BIG3231 (£39.75, above) contains all the company’s frets and masks for the Hasegawa Bf 109G-6.
Colour photo-etch sets

Only one new colour PE set has been released in 1:72 scale, covering the Hasegawa Fw 190D-9 (73239, £8.75).

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In 1:48 scale, the pickings are slightly better: 49306 contains an interior set for the Revell/Monogram A-28B (£13.50); 49348 is a complete set for Tamiya’s Fw 190A-8 (£10.50); and Eduard has given us two beautiful colour World War I seatbelt sets for both French (49031, above) and German (49030) aircraft, priced at £6.85 each. We use the word ‘beautiful’ because Eduard’s research has turned up combinations of red and black in the belts that make them an attractive addition to any cockpit.
Non-colour frets

cessna models

above), a long overdue exterior set for Accurate Miniatures’ B-25B kit. An
examination of the set comparing it to references for later marks of the Mitchell show that this set will indeed be appropriate for any of the AcMin B-25 series, including the B-25C/D and G models. Also in
1:48 Eduard has released an exterior/undercarriage set (48529, £10.50) for the Revell/Monogram A-26В Invader kit.

model airplanes plastic

In 1:32 scale is a new exterior set for the Tamiya F-14A (32144, £13.50) and a set of flaps for the Trumpeter P-40B Tomahawk kit (32151, £10.50, above).


antique model airplanes indoor aircraft

In the colour ZOOM range of interior parts, in 1:72 scale Eduard offers a set for the Hasegawa Fw 190D-9 kit (SS239, £5.60).In the 1:48 ZOOM series, new additions include a set for the Revell/Monogram A-26B Invader (FE306, £10.50), and the Tamiya Fw 190A-8 (FE348, £7.50).


As always, Eduard has a large line of new ‘Kabuki’ or ‘Tamiya’ tape pre-cut masks. In 1:72 scale, CX123 (£1.90) is a mask set for the Hasegawa F4F Wildcat and In 1:48 scale, EX138 (£2.45) is for the Monogram A-37A/B Dragonfly, EX135 (£3.70) for the Hasegawa D3A ‘Val’, EX143 (£3.70) the Monogram F-105D, EX122 (£3.70) for the Academy F-lll Aardvark (all marks), EX159 (£3.15) the Revell F-84G, EX149 (£3.15) the Academy F8F Bearcat, EX158 (£3.15) the Hasegawa Fw 190A-3, EX155 (£3.15) the Tamiya Fw 190A-8, EX045 (£3.15, above) the Academy Hunter FGA. Mk 9/F. Mk 6, EX148 (£3.15) the Academy MiG-21 PF Fishbed-D’, EX156 (£2.45) the Academy P-47D-25 ‘Bubbletop’, and EX157 (£4.90) for the Revell Rafale M.
In 1:32 scale JX046 (£4.90) fits the Hasegawa F6F-3/5, and JX025 (£3.70) is for the Revell Hunter FGA. Mk 9/Mk 58.
There is a lone 1:35 scale entry for aircraft, a set for the Academy UH-60L Black Hawk in JX028 (£4.90).

Thanks to Eduard for the review samples

custom airplane models

Heritage Aviation has produced a set to convert the Airfix 1:48 Hurricane to the fabric wing variant. The set consists of a complete new wing, exhausts and cockpit rear bulkhead in resin, a two-bladed propeller in white metal and a pair of vacform canopies.

CX124 (£1.90) is for the Revell Spitfire Mk V.

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