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1 Jun

large rc models

Thanks to Toyway, SAM has Academy’s re-released 1:48 Lightning kit, P-38F Lightning ‘Glacier Girl’. It depicts the machine restored after being recovered from deep within the Greenland ice cap. The kit retails at £15.99.

painting scale models

Thanks to Airfix SAM has a number of the company’s re-releases featuring re-boxed kits, often with new decals. In 1:72 scale, kits now presented as sets with acrylic paints, a brush and glue are F-5A Freedom Fighter (with decals for 38383/FA-383, Imperial Iranian Air Force, Mehrabad, 1965), MiG-15 (Lim-2 ‘Black 346’, Polish air force and ‘Black 27’, Soviet air force), Westland Gazelle (Gazelle AH. Mk 1 XZ333/A, No. 607 Sqn, Army Air Corps, Middle Wallop, 1988 and Gazelle HT. Mk 3 ZB628, No. 2 FTS, RAF, RAF Shawbury, 1988) and Messerschmitt Me 262A (‘White 11’, Luftwaffe, 1944-1945) all at £4.99 each. Sets priced at £10.99 include that for the Panavia Tornado GR4/4A (GR. Mk 4 ZA607/AB, No. IX(B) Sqn, RAF Marham, March 2004 and GR. Mk 4A ZG707/B, No. 13 Sqn, RAF Marham, April 2004), while two kits are included in Hawker Hurricane Mk lib & Junkers Ju 88 (Hurricane Mk I, No. 303 (Polish) Sqn, RAF Northolt, 1940 and Mk MB, No 402 Sqn, RAF Warm well, 1941; and Ju 88A-4 AD+DB ) and Gloster Meteor III and VI Flying (Doodle Bug) Bomb (No. 616(F) Sqn, RAuxAF, RAF Manston, December 1944; No. 616(F) Sqn, RAuxAF, Melsbroek, Belgium, January 1945; and No. 74(F) Sqn, RAF, RAF Colerne, 1945).
1:72 scale releases include A-10 Thunderbolt II with decals for the 110th FW, USAF, 1996 and 917th TFW, USAF, 1990 (£14.99) and North

model kits planes

American T-6G Texan with decals for T-6G 7709, No. 40 Sqn, CFS, SAAF, Dunnottar, Transvaal, 1980; SK 16C 234/8, F8 Wing, Barkarby, Sweden; and LT-6G 49-3121/4C-TA, Fliegerschulkompanie 2, Linz Horsching, Austria, 1960 (£6.99). And finally in this scale, Handley Page Halifax Bill has decals for LV907/NP-F FRIDAY THE 13TH, No 158 Sqn, RAF Elvington, March 1944 and NZ426/EY-G MUNGA TAIFO, No 78 Sqn, RAF Breighton, 1944 at £14.99 and Avro Lancaster B. Mk l/lll ‘G-for George’ has decals for Lancaster B. Mk III W4783/AR-G allowing it to be built as it appeared in World War II with No. 420 Sqn, RAAF or as it appears now at the Australian War Memorial, Aeroplane Hall of fame, Canberra, Australia; and Lancaster B. Mk X K8772/VR-R, No. 419 Sqn, RCAF, MiddIeton-St-Geоrge, 1945 at £19.99.
1:48 scale the Hawker Hurricane Mk I costs £9.99 and includes decals for VY-G, No. 85(F) Sqn, RAF Advanced Striking Force, Lille/Seclin, France, April 1940 and P3144/GZ-B, No. 32(F) Sqn, RAF Biggin Hill and Hawkinge, July 1940.
At £44.99, the
1:24 scale NA P-51D/K Mustang IVA has colour painting instructions and decals for Mustang Mk IVA KM272/QV-V DOOLEYBIRD, flown by Fit Lt A. S. Doley, No. 19 Sqn, RAF, Acklington, July 1945; Mk IVA КН676/ QV-A, flown by Fit Lt A. F. Lane, DFC, No. 3 Sqn, RAAF, Foggia, Italy, early 1945; RF-51D 44-11913/RF-913, 45th TRS, USAF, Kimpo, Korea, 1951; and P-51D 9570/AC-S, No. 402 ‘City of Winnipeg’ Auxiliary Sqn, RCAF, Winnipeg, Canada, 1950.

models kit

AML has released an all new 1:72 Mirage IIICJ Shahak kit at £12.30. It includes resin detail parts.
The latest in Attack’s range of
1:144 scale kits are Aero L-39 Albatros C/ZO and Aero L-39 Albatros ZA/V, at £5.70 each.

model flying planes

Classic Airframes’ 1:48 Messerschmitt

Bf 109A kit, received via Hannants, includes a substantial amount of resin and etched-metal parts by Eduard, in addition to its injection-moulded plastic parts, at £29.99. Decals are provided for 6-3, 2./JG 88, Spain, c.1937; 6-10, 2./JG 88, flown by Obit Gunther Lutzow, Staffelkapitan, Spain, c.1937; V4 prototype D-IALY WkNr 878, Germany, c.1937; V5 prototype or early Bf 109B D-IEKS WkNr 879, Germany, c.1937; ‘White 5’, ll/JG 132 ‘Richthofen’, Juterborg-Damm, c.1937; and ‘Red 10’ of an unknown unit.

spitfire model planes

Czech Master Resin 1/72 Scale ■ No-5003 Hansa W.12/III ■

jet airplane models

Czech Master Resin \П2 Scale – No.5004 Hansa W.12/V ■

Czech Master Resin has issued two 1:72 scale kits, both from updated toolings of previous kits. Hansa-Brandenburg W.12/III (Short fuselage) has decals for three machines: ‘1183’, flown by Obit R. Friedrich Christiansen, 1917; and ‘2008’ and ‘1414’, Zeebrugge, October 1917, while Hansa-Brandenburg W.12/V (long fuselage) has decals for two machines: ‘2120’, with a Bremen coat of arms and ‘2108’. The kits cost £27.50 each.


From Dujin in 1:72 scale resin comes the Focke-Wulf/Lippisch Delta III, priced at £23.15. No decals are supplied, but the simple markings should be easy enough to obtain from the spares box.

commercial airplane models

In 1:72 Eastern Express has re-released its Sopwith Snipe, Sopwith 1% Strutter and Nieuport 16c at £5.99 each, while the Bl-l rocket fighter and Spitfire Мк V Floatplane cost £4.99 each.

jet engine model plane
 And ‘Orange’ is not a name recognised by Eduard; the nickname refers to the predominant colour of the new boxes that harkened the introduction of Eduard’s revamping the make-up of its kits. This reworking involved doing away with the option of buying the ‘plain’, injection-only kits, or paying a bit extra and getting the ‘ProfiPACK’ kits, which included such things as photo-etched (PE) frets, extra markings options, and, occasionally, resin parts. Now all Eduard aircraft kits contain PE parts, and colour ones at that. The new kits, as Eduard promised, would include entirely new fuselage halves if appropriate, rather than optional noses – and the accompanying extra seams and fit problems that go with them – for different versions of the same aircraft. This was quite welcome, and both of the first two Fokker kits feature four fuselage halves each.
It was assumed that when the ProfiPACK kits were done away with the same month the first ‘Orange’ kit came out, that all subsequent kits would be of the new variety. That has not entirely happened yet. All the new kits do feature PE frets, often two of them and always at least partly in colour. The new kits also include the glossy painting guides and extra schemes and decals for them, as introduced in the Limited Edition series in late 2004. But, for many modellers, the star of these redesigned kits are their dazzling instruction booklets. They dispense with line drawings entirely, and are made up of computer-generated, 3D colour illustrations for each step.The third and final in the D. VII series is expected within a few months, but no date has been announced.
scale model kits  ww2 military planes

Ki-61-l Hei Hien (‘Tony’) ‘244th Flight’ (£16.99), Lockheed F-104S Starfighter ‘Italian Cat & Mouse Scheme’ (£17.99), Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX ‘Polish AF’ (£15.99), Nakajima Ki-43-ll Hayabusa (‘Oscar’) ‘Manchouko’ (£16.99), Vought F4U-5N Corsair ‘Korean War’ (£16.99), McDD A-4F Skyhawk ‘USM Aggressor’ (£17.99), F6F-5 Hellcat ‘Blue Angels’ (£17.99), F-4B/N Phantom II ‘VF-111 Sundowners’ (£25.99), Kawanishi N1K2-J Shidenkai (‘George’) ‘301st Sqn’ (£16.99) and P-51D Mustang ‘Iwo Jima’ (£16.99).

New to SAM, this company has a 1:48 Blohm und Voss BV 141B at £19.99.

rc air plans aero models

To 1:32 scale Hasegawa has produced Supermarine Spitfire Mk VB ‘USAAF’ (£23.99) and the spectacular Junkers Ju 87G Stuka Kanonenvogel (£34.99).

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