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Mitsubishi A6M2 ZERO Type 21. Zero fighter model

23 Mar

Mitsubishi A6M2 ZERO Type 21. Zero fighter model,model aircraft plans

The Fujimi kit comes in a box illustrated with an evocative painting of two Zeros in a stormy sunlit sky. Inside, the kit has fifty-four grey plastic parts and one clear canopy, all separately bagged and very well machined. You get a colour sheet of some of the aircraft options, and more tail assemblies are illustrated on the instruction sheet. The instructions themselves, and the text on the box, are mostly in Japanese but the easy to follow logical steps in construction make it an easy kit to put together.


The three-part seated pilot is a nicely moulded figure and he does have a detailed painting guide including colours in English. The thirteen cockpit parts have good detail, as have the internal fuselage halves, and these are closed up after fitting the arrestor hook. The engine again has painting instructions including English, and the nine parts for this and the turning prop assembly go together well, fitting snugly inside the engine cowling. The wings come as a one-piece lower section and two uppers and, along with the horizontal stabilisers/elevators, fit with no need for filler or sanding. Detail on the wings and the fuselage is very good and really shows up well with a bit of weathering applied. Five parts are provided for each undercarriage assembly if constructed down, and you have the option of retracted gear if you want. Again all these parts have good detail and fit well together with no problems. All that remained was to fit the fuel tank, tail wheel, radio mast and a few other bits and bobs and the job was all done barring masking and painting the canopy before fitting. The canopy is very clear and has the frame structure raised enough for those with a steady hand and good eyesight to paint it without tape.

Colour Options of japanese zero model

Mitsubishi A6M2 ZERO Type 21. Zero fighter model,how to make planes

Options for eight aircraft are included on the decal sheet and just to confuse you there are a further six indicated in the instructions that you don’t have decals for.
However, eight are quite enough and include six for the light grey colour scheme or two in mottled green. I couldn’t make out any colour references from the Japanese text, so having plumped for a grey scheme used my Humbrol 196 (Light Satin Grey) with 85 (Satin Coal Black) for the cowling. Wheels, prop blades and other bits and pieces were Matt Black, and Aluminium (56) was used for the undercarriage legs/ wheel bays. Whether the kit includes info on the different units or aircraft also remains a mystery of translation, but it appears the one I modelled was based with the Tainan Air Group and operated around the Port Moresby area in 1942.
I applied a coat of gloss varnish before applying the decals to minimise the risk of silvering (I’ve not been very successful with Klear) and used setting solution to settle them down. The decals are very good with no show through, and went down easily – not too thick and not so thin they wrap around themselves as soon as they come off the carrier sheet. Once dry I applied a coat of matt vamish and then added a spot of weathering with very diluted matt black/ white spirit, rubbing over with a cotton bud. This brought the detail out on the whole plane and made all the difference to the finished kit.


This is an easy kit to get an excellent result with as all the parts fit so well. The decals are very good, and even if you don’t read Japanese it is easy for you to complete the kit and enjoy a bit of digging to find out about the individual aircraft featured. I was very pleased to complete my first Fujimi kit and would certainly recommend it to anyone.

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