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Macchi L

4 Sep

macchi l

Lohner Tl/Macchi L I: WindsockDatafile No. 99

Gregory Alegi Albatros Productions Ltd £9.75

This is another classic from the Windsock stable. Kits of flying boats and seaplanes are very much in vogue at the moment and although, to my knowledge, this particular aircraft has not yet been kitted, anything is possible with the vibrant Eastern European manufacturers. This aircraft is one of those anomalies that seem to crop up especially in World War I, where opposing nations use each other’s designs. In this case it was the Italians who ‘pinched’ the design. The 40 pages, plus covers, contain the usual excellent

photographic coverage and there are even colour photographs of a specimen in the Italian Air Force Museum, plus a shot of one of the engines used. This sort of information I find of great use, since I am at a loss when deciding exactly which part of these engines is which colour. There are the usual 1:48- and l:72-scale drawings and colour profiles covering two Italian and one German aircraft. In my opinion these are the best modelling references around and an indispensable tool for the builder.

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