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Les Bombardiers en Pique

20 Jun

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Les Bombardiers en Pique Loire-Nieuport Arnaud Prudhomme Editions TMA £39.95/€ 50.00

This family of French aircraft was conceived at a time when the dive-bomber was widely thought to be the coming thing, and was originally ordered as a carrierborne aircraft for the Aeronavale; when the Armee de I ‘Air saw the success of the Stuka in the Spanish Civil War it ordered a de-navalised version for itself. This beautifully produced large-format book describes in admirable detail the type’s gestation and its competitors, its introduction into both sen/ices and its part in the opening months of World War II. This is very well illustrated with black and white photographs, colour profiles and three-views and some energetic colour illustrations. All the captions are bilingual and there is a very informative English summary of the text towards the end of the book.
As individual as most French aircraft of the period are, there has recently been a selection of kits in both popular scales, and this book will be of considerable benefit to those building them. It is also, of course, a useful history in its own right, particularly to those who, like me, are fascinated by the ‘Phoney War’ and its immediate resolution. The LN dive-bombers served through the rest of the conflict and the ultimate version, the LN.402, was not scrapped until 1947. The sterling price quoted is from the Aviation Book Centre (01455 214900); that in euros is from the publisher, TMA, at 75 Rue Claude Decaen, 75012 Paris, which asks for an additional €10 postage and packing.

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