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JASDF F-4EJ Japanese air force

15 Mar

JASDF F-4EJ Japanese air force,aeroplanes model

When the editor called, to see if I would like to review a 1/144th Platz kit, I jumped at the opportunity, having been intrigued by the coverage of late of this scale in SAMI. What turned up in the post was a colourful high quality box with two kits of the F-4 bagged separately. Each is made up of thirty parts, held on two sprues. The parts are all very well moulded, with little in the way of flash, recessed panel lining and raised detail in areas where appropriate, such as the one piece cockpit, jet exhausts and undercarriage. The instructions are written in Japanese, but the simple to follow diagrams make the build easy to complete. Last of all is what can only be described as a comprehensive decal sheet that would have been acceptable for a 1/48 kit not so long ago.


The kit is a snap-together, all the parts fitted with no trouble, though I did use glue to add some strength to the joints. A study of the instructions revealed some cutting was required to remove some detail, so as to represent a JASDF Phantom. Once this was done, building commenced with the one-piece cockpit. It has seats, which are not partially realistic, control stick and navigator’s panel. There are two crew members supplied, which were used on the aircraft with the undercarriage up. The fuselage is in three parts, two main halves and a nose, which is moulded in clear plastic, and the wing is one piece. I did need to use some filler on the wing-to-fuselage as well as the intake-to-fuselage joint. To round off the airframe there are two tail planes and two exhausts. The undercarriage, front and main, come with doors moulded with them as well as separate items for fixing them closed. The underwing stores are made up of two drop tanks, two pylons and a pod, and last of all is the three-part stand which has a ball and socket that allows the aircraft to be angled.

Colour Options jasdf

JASDF F-4EJ Japanese air force,model plane plans free

Three schemes are given, all of which are in a light grey upper surface with a white underside. Two decal options are for colourful F-4s from the 1989 ACM meet, with the third being an aircraft from 302TFS. The decals are printed by Cartograf, so are very good, and you get a set of stencils for each aircraft. As I expected they went on to the surface with no problems, the only issue being that the one-piece colourful tails for the two ACM meet aircraft were too big and needed some trimming.


Being a newcomer to this scale, though I did make a large number of the Revell kits when a kid, I was impressed at the mouldings. The exterior compared well to the Revell TF-104G Starfighter (everybody should have one German Starfighter in their collection!), and the build itself was a breeze, with some great decals. If you fancy a Japanese F-4 Phantom II, I don’t see how you could go wrong with Platz’s boxing of this F toys kit, as ifs a little gem.

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