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30 Jun

electric rc model planes

Two aircraft feature on this sheet: Ki-84 Type KOU, flown by Sentai Leader 2nd Lt Ito, 57 Shinbu-Tai, Shimodate, Japan, 17 May 1945 and Ki-84a, 57th Special Attack Company, Japan 1945.
Available in 1:48 and 1:32 scales, 48003/32003 covers two 363rd TFW machines with ‘nose art’:
HAMMER TIME, a machine with a female figure riding a bomb and BLOOD

large models

STORM. The ‘nose art’ was applied to these machines during the 1991 conflict using chalks – should authority demand its rapid removal. Until IsraDecal pioneered the use of a new printing process for these sets, the correct rendering of this in decal form has been impossible.

Thanks to IsraDecal for the review sample

large scale model

This set covers J 29B 29365 ‘White I’, F22, ONU, Congo, 1961-63; J 29E 29448 ‘Yellow P’, F3, Malmslatt, 1955; and S 29E 29961 ‘Black 12’, Malmslatt, 1963.

scale model helicopter kits

This sheet includes decals for Beaufighter Mk lis R2337/ RF-Z, No. 54 OTU, RAF; July 1943; T3224/ST-H, No. 54 OTU, RAF; 1944; and R2283/M-HU, No. 406 Sqn, RAF, February 1942.

Thanks to Nordec LLC for the review samples

Thanks to High Planes Models for the review sample

airplane scale

48-013 provides markings for five aircraft: an early production Ki-84, flown by 2nd Lt Toshizo Kurai, 1st Operational Flying Training Unit, Sagami, December 1944; Ki-84-K0U, likely to have been flown by 2nd Lt Moritsugu Kanai, 1st Chu-tai, 25th Sen-tai, Kyongsong, Korea, summer 1945; Ki-84-K0U, 104th Sen-tai, Xinjin, China, late August 1945; Ki-84-K0U, flown by Lt Col Hiroshi Yoshioka, commander 21st Hikoudan, Japan or Formosa, sometime in the period May-December 1944; Ki-84-K0U, 102nd Sen-tai, Miya-Konojo Nishi, around May 1945. The set is intended for the Hasegawa and Tamiya kits.

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