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Hobby modelling

29 Jun

detailed model kits

From Squadron Mail Order comes this Verlinden update set (VE1574, US$20.95) for the 1:48 Accurate Miniatures B-25B kit. This is a very basic undertaking compared to most Verlinden update sets. The kit itself is hardly lacking in detail, so instead of replacing existing kit parts, Verlinden has supplied extra parts in most cases, such as fire extinguishers, oxygen bottles, machine-guns, and other items. It includes PE brass and resin parts and although it is specified for the B-25B, most of the parts are appropriate for all Mitchell variants.

rc planes for beginners

This sheet covers four Heinkels: He 111H-14 ‘6N+BK’, l./KGr 100, Vannef, France, 1940; He 111H-6 ‘1G+HK’, 2./KGr 27, Russia, 1943; He 111H-22 ‘G’, III./KG 3, Venlo, Holland, late summer 1944; and He 111H-4 ‘1T+HK’, coded for I./KG 28 but used by III./KG 26.

model airplanes plastic

Three aircraft are covered on this sheet: Bf 109K-4, flown by Hptm. Adolf Borchers, Stab lll./JG 52, Deutsch Brod, Czech Protectorate, May 1945; Bf 109K-4, Stab III./JG27, Wunstorf, April 1945; and Bf 109K-4, NJG 11, May 1945. This sheet includes a set of resin wheels.
72009 is a two-sheet set of World War I German lozenge ‘fabric’. It includes four strips of lower surface, five of upper surface lozenge and 14 strips each of upper – and lower-surface rib tapes.

Thanks to Eduard for the review sample

models build

In the February 2006 issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling (27/12) EagleCals sheet EC96 was listed as EC95 and the wrong image was used. The error is corrected above with apologies for any inconvenience caused.
EC90 includes decals fc Bf 109G-6 ‘Yellow 17

display model aircraft

lll./JG 300 (actually a lll./JG 11 aircraft), Oldenburg, Germany, September-October 1943; Bf 109G-6 ‘«-‘, Stab l./JG 300, Bad Worishofen, Germany, July 1944; Fw 190A-6 ‘Green 3’, Stab./JG 300, Bonn-Hangelar, Germany, October 1943; Fw 190A-6 ‘Green 1’, Stab./JG Hermann, Bonn-Hangelar, Germany, July – August 1943.

Thanks to Eagle Editions for the review samples

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