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10 Jun

1 24 scale model aircraft

New releases from Aires in 1:72 scale include 7142 Browning M2 50-cal waist-mounted guns: 7135 Daimler Benz DB603 engine (above); 7145 RA-5C Vigilante exhaust nozzles (late) (for the Trumpeter kit); and 7136 Lockheed C2 ejection seat for the F-104C and F-104J.

model house kits

In 1:48 scale the company has 4265 Pratt & Whitney R-2800 (early version); 4269 Spitfire Mk IXC gun bays (late) (Hasegawa). 4276 Me 410 wheels; 4260 Bf 109F-2/F-4 cockpit set (Hasegawa); 4277 Yak-9D/DD/K/T wheels; 4278 RA-5C Vigilante exhaust nozzles (late) (Trumpeter); 4215 Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-3 detail set (Tamiya) with full cockpit detail, engine and armament;
4271 Bf 109G-2 cockpit set (Hasegawa) (above, upper),
4272 Browning M2 50-cal waist-mounted guns; and 4275 Junkers Ju 88 wheels, including paint masks (above).

building scale model

Finally in its standard range, Aires has the 1:32 scale 2031 Fw 190D-9 detail set (Hasegawa), consisting of a complete cockpit, an engine, engine mounts, guns, wheel bays and radio equipment; 2021 F4U-1 Corsair cockpit set (Trumpeter); 2038 F/A-18C Hornet wheel bays (Academy), 2014 Browning M2 50-cal waist-mounted guns; 2043 Messerschmitt Bf 109G radio equipment (late); and 2041 Bf 109K radio equipment (above).

home built aircraft kits

In its economy Quickboost series in 1:72 scale, Aires has QB72011 Phantom II ejection seats (above), QB72008 P-47 propeller (with set up tool), QB72010 B-25 Mitchell propellers, QB72021 Lancaster gun barrels (with oval perforations), QB012 MIG-21F-13
‘Fishbed-C’ air intake (Revell), QB72013 F-16A/C ejection seat, QB72014 P-38J Lightning engine (Hasegawa)
and QB72016 P-47 В gun barrels.

paper model plane

in 1:48 scale, Quickboost releases are QB48011 P-38N/Q Airacobra engine (Eduard), QB48014 K-14 American gun sights, QB48016 Mk VIII American gun sights, QB48017 P-47D-5/6 conversion cowl flaps (closed) (Tamiya), QB48018 F6F Hellcat engine (Hasegawa), QB48019 F8F Bearcat engine (Academy) (above), 48021 MiG-21MFair scoops (Academy). QB48022 B-25B Mitchell gun barrels and QB48015 N-3A/B American gunsights.

airplane modelling

The final Quickboost set is to 1:32 scale – QB32008 He 162 ejection seat.

model kits plastic

СМ К has issued an undercarriage detail set for the 1:48 JAS 39А/С Gripen kit from Italeri. The set cost £10.55.

www. eduard. cz Big Ed

To begin with, Eduard has an impressive seven new Big Ed sets, comprising masks, photo-etched (PE) frets and, in some cases, even PE blank stencils and PE camouflage masks for Luftwaffe aircraft.

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