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Hawker Hurricane

21 Aug

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Polskie Skrzydla 4: Hawker Hurricane Robert Gretzyngier Stratus E-mail: arturj@stratusbooks. biz

This title, from Polish publisher Stratus, is the fourth in a series covering types in service with Polish squadrons. The first thing that impresses the reader on looking at the book is the striking artwork used on its front and back covers. A pair of computer-generated ‘paintings’ has been used and while perhaps not to everyone’s taste, they certainly make an impact.

That said, this is the finest book on any subject, fact or fiction, that I’ve read in the past 12 months. I had absolutely no idea that Sopwith’s influence spread so far, not just through aircraft manufacturing, but through British society as well.

I knew there was a Hawker/ Sopwith connection, but not that Hawker was, in effect, a reborn Sopwith. I was astounded to learn that during World War II Sopwith’s Hawker Siddeley Group included Avro, Armstrong-Whitworth and Bristol, as well as Hawker. Indeed, much of Britain’s wartime production occurred under Sopwith’s guiding hand.

Enormous though his aviation achievements were, Sopwith was also a world-class yachtsman and a keen sportsman. In life he was a quiet, generous man, a gifted leader and blessed with a talent for spotting and nurturing ability in others.

It’s unlikely that this book will help you build a model, but you should read it anyway.

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