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Hasegawa decals

13 Mar

Hasegawa decals,hobby scales

This month we have two more additions to RB productions’ seatbelt range using a mix of pre-cut paper belts in a choice of colours and etched brass buckles and fittings. The highlight however is a combined decals sheets and resin conversion to produce the IAR/ Messerschmitt Bf 109Ga-6. A total of 75 Messerschmitt Bf 109Ga aircraft were built under licence by IAR in Romania between 1944 and 1947. The first 15 airframes, with serial numbers 300 to 315, were Bf 109Ga-4 types. The remaining 60 airframes, with the serial numbers 316 to 375, were Bf 109Ga-6s. These were delivered as follows: 10 in 1944, 21 in 1945, 12 in 1946 and 24 in 1947. The aircraft were fitted with one 20mm cannon firing through the propeller spinner and two 13.2 mm machine guns on the nose. They also featured unique blisters to cover the ammunition feed chutes of the 13.2 mm machine guns. Photographs show that the ammunition feed mechanisms and chutes were standard, therefore, it appears that the modified blisters served only aerodynamic purposes. These aircraft were in service until 1954 and were scrapped in 1955 when they were replaced with Russian aircraft.

Bf 109Ga-6 Decal Sheet and Conversion Designed for. Hasegawa/Revell

This set includes a pair of large resin bulges that simply glue into place on the Hasegawa/Revell kit, but the highlight is the decal sheet and it’s very comprehensive instructions. As well as the normal colour profiles the instructions also include four black and white period photographs and informative text.

The decal sheet includes markings for three aircraft.

1. Bf 109Ga-6, 334, Yellow 7, 15 April 1949. This aircraft has a dark green squiggle pattern over an overall light blue colour, while the wingtips, under nose cowling and tail band are painted in white. The national insignia is in roundel form with the national colours on the tail rudder

2. Bf 109Ga-6,338, 1949. The white areas and national insignia are the same as option 1 but the camouflage is similar to that applied to Luftwaffe 109s a RLM 02/71 splinter pattern over light blue with a mottle camouflage along the fuselage sides

3. Bf 109Ga-6, 319, this aircraft is overall light blue with a red star national insignia with the national colours in roundel form in the centre

Luftwaffe Seatbelts

Hasegawa decals,model airplane kits

Bf 109Ga-6 Decal Sheet and Conversion Product NO: RB-D 48002 Price: 10 Euros

Designed for: Hasegawa


I am sure Radu really builds these sets for himself and just happens to have enough left over for the rest of us. His attention to detail is always first class and on items like the seat belts the finished product looks amazingly realistic. Please note that the new RB shop is open and can be visited at the website at www. radub. com

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