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Grumman F9F-6/7/8

19 Aug

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Ernie Lee
Thanks to Pen & Sword for the review sample

Naval Fighters Number Sixty-Six: Grumman F9F-6/7/8 Cougar Part 1 Corwin ‘Corky’ Meyer
Naval Fighters Number Sixty-Seven: Grumman F9F-6P/8P Photo-Cougar Steve Ginter Ginter Books £11.75/US$19.95 each

Judging by the publisher’s note in Naval Fighters Number Sixty-Six, fans of US Navy air-power, 1950’s jets, or simply the Cougar, can look forward to at least four Ginter Books’ volumes on the type. Sixty-Six, subtitled Design, Testing, Structures and Blue Angels, provides about as comprehensive a technical review of the Cougar as one could wish for.  Colour photography is limited to the outside covers – it’s a shame the front cover shot appears to have been used too large for its resolution – but the black and white coverage contained within the book’s pages more than compensates. There may well be no detail missed. 1:72 scale drawings are also included, along with extracts from manuals and other drawings. The text, by none other than a Grumman test pilot, provides a useful, readable account of the type’s development.
Naval Fighters Number Sixty-Seven, presumably part 2 in the series, although not labelled as such, provides a similar level of coverage to the photo-reconnaissance Cougars. It also includes a description of all the photo-Cougar units.
Further volumes will cover the two-seaters and other Cougar units. If this type falls into your area of interest, then you really should have these books in your collection.

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