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English Electric CANBERRA aeroplane

8 Apr

English Electric CANBERRA aeroplane,metal aircraft models

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THIS massive book on everything there is to know about the Canberra came about because the aircraft has been the longest serving bomber ever to fly in RAF service. Written by Charles Stafrace, who wrote the F-104 earlier in the series, it has produced the most comprehensive account of the Canberra’s long service from the first prototypes to the last Marham-based TT.18. All of the-to-be-expected Warpaint contents are included such as a comprehensive squadron and unit chart with representative serials, a detailed production list, and kit, decal and accessories information. In addition the Canberra achieved many records in its earlier career and these have been listed. The book is 84 pages in length and has a set of 1:72nd scale drawings of all Canberra variants. There are over 130 pictures many in colour illustrating the Canberra’s service not only with the RAF but all of the other countries which bought them over the years. The only conflict in which Canberra faced Canberra in the Falkland Islands is also described along with all other actions in which it has taken part. Pages of colour side and plan views by Richard J. Caruana add so much to the immense value of this book.

English Electric CANBERRA aeroplane,diecast model airplanes

English Electric CANBERRA aeroplane,giant scale model airplane   English Electric CANBERRA aeroplane,aircraft scale modeling

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